You Won’t Believe this Shocking UFO Video!! Orlando Florida Broad Daylight Sighting! 3/7/2017 (Video)

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  1. Saw this triangular ship come right over me, it tracked me as I was driving and came upon me at a red light. As it approached I prayed to the Lord and rebukes it in the name of the Lord. THERE was a white light on each corner and a red light flashing in the center. It was at most 30 ft and the color of the ship was gun metal grey. I rebuked it in the name of the Lord and it zipped away.

  2. Aliens are DEMONS. Look at my page and see for yourself. Been dealing with these vermin for a while. The Battle is REAL people. WAKE UP and RISE SAINT'S

  3. I seeing one last night 03/09/2018. …i leave in haines city fl and i was walking my dogs around 1oclock in the morning and i looked up and i see something in the sky it wasn't moving and it have a white..blue..red and green lights and it was there for Very longtime over 2 hours and also it was a couple of something looks like kind of airplane and they have only red lights but it was no noise at so ever..but the big one from time to time it will fly up and down and side to side ….

  4. hello everyone my name is Luis i live in Orlando Florida i have seen like 4 ufos i believe their is a porthole on corner of Michigan St and Conway. I used to worry about what people would say not anymore. they are here it is real please beileve me

  5. All this is not needed. Walking amongst you right now are humans not born of this earth. Learning, living and raising their own. Taken at birth. Trained to serve as a walking litmus test. Some have rebelled against their "keepers" they wish to be in control of their own destiny. Be aware.

  6. wow , not even others that are there say anything or even see it . WE HAVE A WINNER . other vehicles she blocked never seen it . i call bullshit ! should have got everyones attention

  7. I seen the orange color ones over the air Force Base in northern California but thear was other colors to like red and blue and like a bright light color to.they Wear doing some kinda testing. forming v shape and doing other thing like going into each other with out crashing in to each other it's hard to explain what thay wear doing .one was red the other ones were orange color then that would turn like a bright light some times some of them would turn the lights out .the new Star wars air Craft's.new would order shit Shadow governments military it's a secret military.funny thing is new technology is old technology because if we find a vermana in a cave 1,000'sof years old it would be new technology now . because I now thear are humans in space that are 1,000's of years more advanced then use on Earth.so thear old technology would be are new technology .if thear old drone's was left deep in a cave and the Shadow governments military finds it .and thay reverse​ engineer it then it would be new technology to us on Earth. but old technology to the 1,000's of year's more advanced humans in space.so old technology is new technology.

  8. It is the tr3b using the invisible cloak, American technology. Nothing new, trail run. The US gov is just teasing the public and creating havoc in people's minds. As usual….

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You Won’t Believe this Shocking UFO Video!! Orlando Florida Broad Daylight Sighting! 3/7/2017 (Video)

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