You Can Now End Your Presence On Earth As Stardust With A Space Funeral

British company offers to send ashes to space.

Funerals are about to get a lot cooler as a British company has now launched a new service offering space funerals which allows you to have the ashes of loved one scattered in space.

Final Resting Place Among The Stars And Space

The company called Ascension Flights launched the service so that the ashes of loved ones can be scattered into space and so have the whole world as a final resting place and it costs just £800.

The company was set up by two University of Sheffield graduates and they have been spending the last few years sending many hundreds of items into space. They recently released ash that was none human into space by way of their Ascension 1 craft that was specifically designed and they are now getting ready to launch the space funeral service to the general public in November.

Space Funerals Give Everyone A Chance To Go Into Space

The co-founder Dr. Chris Rose said that they were on the edge of a new space age and the private industry in the United States is on the edge of making personal space flight something of a reality. He said that many of the first generations of space fans love the idea of space flight but they will never be able to enjoy the experience of looking down at Earth. He went on to say that their new service would allow the families the chance to fulfill the dreams of loved ones by sending their ashes into space.

A space funeral package is said to cost between £795 and £1895 and this includes photos and video of the ashes of loved ones being scattered into space. The Ascension 1 spacecraft is a payload box that has been fitted with a tracking device, camera and a mechanism that is attached to a gas hydrogen-filled balloon that releases and it launches from a location in Yorkshire.

When the craft reaches space the computer that tracks the path of the flight then releases the mechanism and this allows the ashes to float gently away into space. The balloon bursts and the parachute then bring the canister, which is now empty, back down into Earth. This was inspired by the pioneering rockets of Elon Musk and they can be reused.

Ashes Can Avoid Gravitational Pull Of Earth And Go Up Into Stars

Ascension Flights said that when the ashes get releases the winds from the stratosphere will spread out the particles over the planet and they end up all over. Most of them are dispersed and it was said that evidence has shown that they may escape the gravitational pull of Earth and head up into the stars.

Residual moisture from the canister is said to freeze in an instant and this reveals a plume of glitter. It is thought that some of the ash will fall into the Earth’s atmosphere and precipitation turns to raindrops or snow. This does sound to be one of the most beautiful ways of spreading ashes. Rose said that essentially everyone is stardust so having a space funeral and ashes spread in space does seem to be a fitting end.

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You Can Now End Your Presence On Earth As Stardust With A Space Funeral

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