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  1. I have something to say if this doesn't apply to you then please don't pay it no mind ok , if one of you leave a comment on my channel and it states that you are cussing me out I will for sure go to your Channel report you and block you from my channel if you do not believe what you are seeing on my channel I don't care I'm not showing you what I believe I'm showing you the truth what is out there what is out everywhere else these creatures that I have seen have touched have smelled have gathered evidence off of and off the ground it was standing on I'm not telling you what I believe in I'm showing you what I have seen and if you do not believe or want to see the videos that I am showing then please don't hesitate to leave my channel alone I don't need to hear your thoughts about what you don't know about… you don't know me and what I have seen what I have touched and what I do know so please if you haven't already atleast seen or have the common sense to talk to me about what I show you on my video's instead of just come out and start cussing me out then please again just leave me an my channel alone , thank you for your time for reading this message I am sorry but I have had already someone just come out cussing me out for no reason I hope you understand thanks again

  2. This is really neat to see! Watching or trying to watch the movement, led me to imagine they are like teenagers trying to get over a fence!! One is trying to lift the other up over while one is on the other side as a lookout!! I am sure that isn't what is happening..but maybe the baby was climbing somewhere he shouldn't!!? Just gave me a chuckle trying to picture it! Pretty slick putting it in your car before ya get home too!! I am gonna go see in your other video what it looks like during the day in that area. I can't imagine what they are actually doing though!! Looking forward to seeing what you show us next! Thank you! 🙂

  3. if you leave a comment I will try to get back with you within a day because I work like everyone else and I thank you for your time and for your comments but please be nice on your comments please don't be rude I thank you and may God bless you and keep you have a blessed day

  4. Too bad you didn’t have an outside light you could’ve flipped on while it was standing there. I think you could’ve lit it up and got a very good pic. As it is, how tall is that thing? Looks pretty big.

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Yet again Texas Bigfoot at my house in my yard (Video)

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