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  1. Hi swp – She lives!! Hi Lady k!! Multi-dimensionals will still have earthly needs: they're eating all forms of game meat, fish and shelled fish; any greenery that can be digested; leaves, grasses, roots/shoots, flowers, berries, nuts, tubers, etc.. Omnivorous, for sure! One of our group, her sister watched a Bigfoot take a deer in the back yard at Ocean Shores, WA. Needless to say, she's not really hep on living there anymore. :=3 } p

  2. Sure, it could be that they don't eat. But how about the bits and pieces that point toward that they DO eat?! Killboxes, sometimes with kills in them. Smaller animals (cats, skunks and such) turned inside out. Piles and piles of pinecones and disassembled cones. They are often seen in and around orchards. And sometimes they steal fish from fishers or from a fish plant. Clams and shells seem to be liked by them too. And they seem to take foods that people are gifting, like apple pie, candy, peanut butter, fruits and pink marshmellows just like with Dallas & Wayne. I sure don't know. But I would love to hear what you think about this. Cheers and greetings from Sweden

  3. I'm not going to begin explaining what Sasquatch eat, I don't know one and have not seen one eat. In my opinion from researching the good and the bad from wherever possible, I've come to the conclusion also like others that there has to be more than one type of cryptic being out there, that really needs to be distinguished so people understand which type they are dealing with. What do you think? Thank you for sharing! ✌ God Bless

  4. Well how to explaine the deer brought to my house, along with other critters by the boogers? I also have found many a killbox or structures that ,imo, show they hunt game by building a corral and obstacles on or around game trails complete with a blind. They also seem to use rocks to stun or kill prey, so yeah imo they eat meat and especially in winter.

  5. Im come across some weird white tail and Turkey kills,hard to explain,but one thing that never fails to dissapear when I gift is Peanut Butter.Occaisionally Ill find the jars a few yards away,cleaned with lids removed,and usually the label gone.They love certain candys to.The containers found are all waysopened,not torn open.As messy as peanut butter is the jars are clean,no grasy print,empty and clean.

  6. G'day,

    Yay Team !

    I've just(ifiably ?) had a flash of inspiration, as ye were discussin' what sort of a Menu the various varieties of yonder mysterious ambiguous and amorphous Crypto-Critter/Disembodied Spiritual-Being or Space-Alien, might like to be eating….; and I do believe that I've solved, and resolved, your Connundrum regardin' the matter…!

    My Hypothesis, y'see, holds that Blobsquatch and Blurfoot and Orb-Beings, Ancestral Spirit-Shades and All…, they never ever leave any evidence behind of their having eaten, nor excreted, Anything At All ; apparently because they've obviously long since converted to Breath-Air-ianism, and therefore now they obtain all their Energy-Needs by basking in, and thus absorbing, Pure Light….

    Surely, ye must be able to see the perfect (Circular Pseudo) Logic of the Proposal…; and all ye need to find, in the Wild, to prove it is the 6- Ft by 2-Ft lightweight folding Cardboard or Plastic Core-Flute Reflectors – painted in single bright Primary & Blended Colours, used to obtain the specific Colours of Light required to supply the particular Nutritional-Energy Requirements of each individual Crypto-Critter, on any particular Day…?!

    Do let us all know, just(ifiably ?) as soon as you find those Reflectors, hidden within a Stick-Structure, or a Cave, perhaps…!

    Take it easy,


    Ciao !

  7. I Know they eat berries from poop by tracks. Also, you can lay the groundhog location map on top of the Sasquatch sighting map perfectly. It is also the greatest rainfall areas map . I think they eat anydamn thing pretty much .

  8. Michael and Lady K,….however anyone believes sasquatch came to be…this is an excellent topic. Would it not make perfect sense that….these spiritual beings eat little or no meat; while a similar earthbound being(or three) does in fact participate in killing and consuming meat. True sasquatch have family units and respect our family units. But not the 'other cryptids' who would not think twice about snagging your barking pooch~ family dog or not. I think definitions should change and expand out a bit to fit the data and reports. I don't think it serves research for people to keep grouping them into ONE being, called sasquatch, or bigfoot, or grassman, or whatever but …..there is no doubt that 'other' carnivores are out there …that have the same physical features …and yes those more aggressive often malevolent beings are often seen taking down a deer even hanging the carcass high in trees to retrieve later. There is enough inconsistency in each report that points to more than one 'being'. Surely that would explain the different types of 'sightings' some much more frightening than others……..I think we need to stop thinking of them as ONE species,….and start realizing its not just Sasquatch. Half of the videos out there are probably only 40% true sasquatch. I have no data to back that up, just a feeling. What do you guys think?

  9. Another fantastic upload, Thanks again for the quality and thought you put into these. Also, Thanks for your perspective on the whole North/South Sasquatch conundrum. As far as I am aware, Location has no bearing on the behaviour of the Australian Yowie

  10. Robert kyrder kx has found things stacked like animals feathers etc plucked. Also in the caves on a Don Monroe experiment he found they were moving balls covered in silver foil about the caves and pigeons bones thank you Neil UK have a nice day

  11. When they walk in this world they eat meat and greens. They have been seen killing Pigs, Deer, Wild Turkeys, etc..And, Have been observed eating said animals…

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