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  1. To the people saying it's a dog. Pay attention to the hind legs – a dog's legs are not even remotely similar to this thing's legs. That and it's bigger than a dog, about the size of a deer if you use the vehicle as a reference.

    To those saying the cars don't react. 1st you can't stop on these roads unless necessary. 2nd people may have been too shocked & deer even get hit because drivers are not paying attention. Besides the thing is rather long limped. For a human to travel across a dual carriage at that speed they'd have to be full out sprinting. It looks slow because its gait is just that easy.

  2. The way the driver didn't react to that creature makes it fake and when the head light of the car didn't cuz any shadows when the creature was in front of it also makes it fake my answer it's cgi

  3. I'd just like to add my two cent on this video. I live in the area that this was filmed, and sorry to burst everyones bubble here; but this section of road is about 10 minutes away from a greyhound racing track.

  4. I actually live in Bournemouth (where this footage was filmed) and today at school we were talking about this. Me and my friends were trying to prove that it was fake though.

  5. There was no deviation by the car whatsoever ! Sadly , I think it's a hoax ! I shut my window at night now though ! You wouldn't want that thing climbing in bed with you !

  6. A shadow was cast, even when in the headlights, but the video is extremely low quality it's hard to tell. Look at the differences between the two frames when the thing is in front of the car; the rather malformed shadow (due to low quality) changes. Also, with good editing/video effects skill this video could've been made. The low frame rate makes it so that you don't have to make realistic movement (which Disney couldn't do in Rogue One), just time it correctly. Like stop motion animation.

  7. Ferral human, looks and moves like feral humans raised by animals. Even before CGI effects there are a number of videos from around the world of captured Feral Humans, that people have tried to rehabilitate, with mixed results. Plus they seem to die at young ages. Either way the Wessex Way Creature is interesting.

  8. Being a deer stalker from norfolk England. i can definately say it jumped elegantly like a deer would, however, look closely…Its hind legs are not inverted as in having hocks like deer, dogs or horses. The hind legs are clearly like humans ,i.e. knees. whatever it is, It has a shadow, is very large in status and behaved like an animal would crossing a road. As for the car not stopping, it is illegal to stop on a duel carriage way in the UK unless for certain grounds, i.e accidents or breakdowns.

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Wessex Way “Monster” analyzed (HD) Creepy Footage!! (Video)

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