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  1. Ok if that was a real dogman it should have left some foot prints in the snow so if it was a dogman than why not take pics of the prints that would have been your proof right there like I told you I truly believe in them in maybe one-day if it's meant to be than I will see one but you know wat people will say that about your vidioes is that you are using c g I because there know way in the world that you are having all these sighting an encounters in don't have know pics of foot prints atleast in another thing all of your sightings are in the daytime when we all know that these cryptide are mainly nocturnal even tho you do have some daytime sightings all I'm saying is that you should have some pics of foot prints well just keep trying in please be honest about everything

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Werewolf sightings caught on tape North America 7 (Video)

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