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  1. This video is real, it is an old video, back in the old days they didn't have the capabilities to edit videos with as much moving graphics as that, and another, is the dirt splashes from its feet, are authentic by all means, most graphics editing technology does not have the capability to cause physics effects from their graphics, remember, this is 1989, that SOB is the looks of about 8 or 9 foot, a being of that size running at full speed(which larger beings accelerate faster and cover more distance in speed over time), will cause splashes in even dense dirt, he also has the looks of something real that is not a transition effect*most important*(IE coming from being objects to show up, is real, not made with graphics technology), THIS VIDEO IS A REAL SIGHTING.

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Werewolf / Dogman / Scary Creature Caught On Video Camera Tape Real or Fake? (Video)

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