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  1. I would have pulled the I'm pregnant card and said that you hadn't had fresh fruit nor vegetables in *weeks. Then I would have also used your names. You're famous ya know!
    Hope you're both doing well and baby too! And James, as in James Michener would be a good solid name for your boy!

  2. Sharks are the coolest things ever shark are my most favourite thing in the world and you guys are so amazing sailing is awesome 🦈🦈🦈🙂🙂

  3. This probably has been brought up before, I am not a big comments reader. There is a company called Earth box that has a really nice product for containerized growing of veggies. They are great. You could easily have room for at least one. I am sure they would even comp you their product, for the exposure. Earthbox.com Also try to find the book Sailing the Farm. It is very old ,but you can find it online and read it. Cheers!

  4. Riley….just keep your damn pants up….love the zoom on where your located……been looking forward to the more adventuring…..will you be the midwife….just askin…..

  5. I felt for you asking for permission to enter a private island. You should had told them you are pregnant and needed food…but hindsight is a wonderful thing ! loving the vids 🙂

  6. this was great… watched Riley on the island for 30 hours vid before this. Seems like you both are loosening up. Maybe because nobody on the boat? Whatever reason, it was a great episode. Loved the Samuel Jackson clip.

  7. I'm disagreeing with you Riles mate! So what the difference betweening owning an island or a block of land or even a [cattle/sheep] station? Why does it matter if the boundary is water or a fence? Anna Station in oz is a mere 23,000sq km in size. I'm surprised you didn't research properly before hand, in which case you may have been able to drop in for a shop…though if everyone goes, then its not very private and secluded anymore….hmmm. Your're whinging like someone who the bouncer wouldn't let into the pub! Most wealty people get there with hard work ethics, risk taking and a lot of luck at times. Apart from that, you too are up there with the best! xxx

  8. I looked at a promo video about Cat Key. It looks like the only Bahamian people there are probably the service people. A Bajan commented something about the Bahamas selling off their land while some Bahamians have no place to live". No one should own a beach, an island or block access to the coastline. In Mexico between Cancun and Tulum where public beach access should be every 300 meters, where the beach is always public, where hotels / resorts are not supposed to build too close to the shore I noticed infractions and foreign owned boutique / resort hotels blocking access. It is sad.

  9. We sailed Bimini in May. When calling Cat Cay marina ask to come in for fuel. Once you are fuelling ask to go to the store; from there ask for overnight dockage. Dockage is 2x the going rate and security follows you everywhere but you can use the club washrooms and shower, shop in the stores and go to the bar at night. VERY EXCLUSIVE ISLAND.

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