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  1. I am a white guy. Well actually it's more complicated. I am one eighth Indian. I know only what I have read of the culture of the Chickasaw Nation my grandmother came from. Because I am not "culturally" Chickasaw I do not claim the title. I respect it too much to try to appropriate it. I have never had the experiences you have but I know the paranormal exists. It has shown itself to me again and again. I respect what you are doing. I am researching this stuff and your narrative adds to my database. Thanks.

  2. I believe what you're saying about you seeing a SKINWALKER. It happened to my daughter 2xs. I saw one in TCA too. they stink like a decaying animal and or dead human flesh. They go everywhere even to California, FLORIDA, Utah. You name it they're there. I felt like throwing up when listening to you talking about them. Be careful and always pray 4 protection b4 you get on ur camera.

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Was I attacked by a spirit, skinwalker or a man? (Video)

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