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  1. I partially agree with him, but not in everything. What he seems to be avoiding is sin. He is blaming everything people do on demons…"the devil made me do it". We are born in sin. Can demonic activity follow families for generations? I believe it is possible. I also believe, though, that when we surrender our lives to Christ and accept Him as Savior and Lord, we are born again or born from above. We ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and we ask to be continuously filled with the Spirit of God to live a life worthy of Christ. At that point, demons have lost their influence over you. You are a new creature in Christ Jesus. Old things have passed away, and all things become new in Christ. Any generational curse is broken at that point. We learn to walk in newness of Life in Christ. NOTE: It is important for a born-again believer to remain faithful to Christ, because if we stray, God protects us, but if we continue to rebel and not repent, we can open ourselves up to a return of enemy attacks. The enemy is powerless when we truly repent!!

    Christ healed people of diseases, and he delivered people from demons. Illness can be either medical or demonic. To say it is all demonic isn't true, according to the acts of Christ in Scripture. However, I do believe that a lot of mental illness out there (and some medical illnesses) is demonically influenced. Not all of it, but a lot of it that is being treated as a medical problem when they're actually spiritual problems.

    Christ died, was raised, and is now seated on the throne over all. Christ has crippled the enemy and made him a toothless lion. We have a tendency to make the devil and his minions more powerful than they are. There is victory in Christ Jesus! As a child of God (born again believer), you can rebuke the enemy and resist him, and he WILL flee from you. Don't let Hollyweird make him bigger than he is in your mind!

    Also, I agree with him at 48:28 that these "ghosts" supposedly haunting places is likely demonic activity, not people visiting from the dead. It is VERY dangerous to go around "ghost hunting" and playing with the kingdom of darkness. Demons have been around since the beginning, and know history better than us. It is easy for them to fool people that they're spirits of the departed, to get you to believe in reincarnation, etc.

    These people on Ghosthunters, Ghost Adventures, etc are playing with fire, and I have yet to see one Christian in these programs. These are unbelievers chasing after the occult. I see these people visiting ghost tours, etc. Anyone who is going on paranormal hunts, etc, is actually playing with the occult and are inviting the enemy to trouble them. THERE ARE NO GHOSTS. God is God of the living and rules the afterlife. The only person who has ever come back from the dead is Christ who is King of Kings and Samuel, whom God Himself sent to see King Saul. That's it.

    But to say that everyone has a bunch of demons is not true. Much of what we deal with is our own sin nature. Can demons take advantage of people addicted to sin activities? Sure! You must repent and be born again! With Christ's death and resurrection, we are empowered to resist the enemy and walk free of demonic activity and sin, if we walk in the Spirit.

    Wow, at 123:18, he says the only way to protect yourself is knowing how the demons operate. NOTHING about being born again. Unless a man is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God (Jesus said this, not me.) Knowing about demons won't help you without the power of God in your life. Period!

  2. Good job BTW. One suggestion, please remove the scary looking dude in your TV. I find it unnecessary since we are talking about faith in God against evil. I think God's face would've been better seeing while listening to a spiritual person.

    Anyway thank you for your video.

  3. Brother Carlos Oliveira is a real Brazilian exorcist…they don't mess around. His exorcism, curse breaking, and house cleansing videos can be found here on YT(also on his site) and they really work. They helped me get rid of vicious panic attacks and severe depression.
    I can't recommend him enough. He is an anointed man of God; not a fake charlatan.
    Praise God.

  4. Honestly unless you have been through and experienced these sort of things – I can understand why anyone would just call him crazy.
    For those of us who have experienced the paranormal in any form, know this man is telling the damn truth.

  5. 98% of people is possessed, 2% of people are free, good to know, I learned a lot from this vid, I am sure I got demons too that I don't know, I love to belong to the 2% of people that are free <3

  6. I see some comments people saying they don't trust him because he says some mental problems or medical problems are cuz of demons…
    I'm telling you this IS true…maybe not all cases…but it's true.
    from MY study of the bible and many other exorcists. ..plus my own personal experiences with demonic attacks…I know he's speaking the truth. I'm glad he doesn't just brush people off saying they need a psychiatrist instead of spiritual help.
    I've messed around in occult stuff which caused me to come under demonic attack..I can now see demons sometimes…it is a very real thing. I lived with a guy who was diagnosed bipolar AND schizophrenic. ..after hours and hours of talking…I found out he had demons following him around. I could not see demons at that point…but I believe him.
    honestly they just doped this guy up on antipsychotics and left him to himself without proper help.
    he's a drug addict and will never get the help he needs and noone believes him..just like people probably wouldn't believe me if I told them I get attacked by them.
    the bible itself explains how the spiritual world is very real…and alot of problems in us are caused by demons.
    I think this needs to be taken more seriously and dealt with properly.
    I'm not sure this guy's last name but I'm sure I've used a mass deliverance of his to help me one night when I was getting attacked.
    I just urge people to really think about this and to realize there is a very real spiritual side of life, just like native Americans believed…and other ancient cultures…that veil is being lifted and WE are encountering it now too.
    much love and
    God bless everyone out there

  7. this lady talks to much and she always talking the same crap I know more about the exorcist like a priest this lady just want attention I cant stand people talking to much get to the dam point.

  8. okay people should really investigate more, i believe in god and hell. but please before bringing people to your sight investigate cuz not anyone can do an excursionist, and there is at lest 100 and something rules of how to now your possessed.  

  9. Brother Carlos- I don't know if you have seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but the protagonist goes through an exorcism and dies. As an experienced exorcist, I wonder  what you think of the priest's methods for Emily. Did he contribute to her death by not seeing medical care for the physical trauma? Or was he without choice? I want to know if you would do the same things he did, and if not, what would you have done differently. Thank you so much. 🙂

  10. Have you tried islamic exorcism or have you seen islamic exorcism ? I believe people are demonized due to the lack of faith, the Djinn ( demon ) falling in love with the opposite sex humanoids, witchcraft, the demon has a purpose to destroy the person and its beliefs. I recall the earliest symptom is nightmares followed by stages of hearing voices and seeing the unseen. 

  11. I BELIEVE that you don't know how to punctuate. Grow up and stop this nonsense, you childish idiots. Mental illness is not demon possession and father Pepe Lopez is just after fame and fortune. Shame on all of you!

  12. there is something wrong with this guy, when she started asking why and how, he should have straight out said a lack of Christ leaves anyone open to demons! Where is Jesus in this man's conversation? This was a perfect opportunity to share the gospel. Why isn't he sharing scripture? I believe this lady is possessed! She is mocking him and he doesn't even know it. Satan, in the name of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, I bind you and render you powerless. I cast you out and  you must flee in the name of Yeshua!

  13. LOL according to this guy anything is caused by demons sleplessness,heartpalpatation etc etc he is obviously ignorant to modern science he reasons like a 1300 century preist its all the work of the Devil!!!! fake charaltan 

  14. recently ive been having some unusual nightmares and each time i wake up its like 3:10. this has been going on for about four five days know 
    is it a sign i don't know but its freaking me out. 

  15. I believe in damons and ghost im scared to sleep at night because i feel like there is someone watching and in my room someone help me and my family!!

  16. I believe in damons and ghost im scared to sleep at night because i feel like there is someone watching and in my room someone help me and my family!!

  17. I've seen videos of this guy, and I don't like him. My gut feeling tells me he's full of shit–and dangerous. He actually believes that things like diabetes are signs of possession? Mental illness is caused by demons? This is insane. And he never gives a straight answer. Bullshit.

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