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  1. Beams in the sky show up in night vision Still possible if a Nikola Tesla flying machine is in the sky Been known to show up at conspiracy conventions so don't look up without night vision

  2. I saw the same exact thing over Iraq! Pilot's returning from patrolling the no fly zone contacted us and the carrier to ask if we can see the lights. carrier then launched alert5 aircraft to locate and identify. THEY were never able to find the source.

  3. Do not get excited but I am from iraq some time we direct light to the sky at night to attract migrating ducks to make them think thier is lacke down and make them land so we could stuff them and eat them . And we have night vission similar to the one the soldier are using which based on condenssing star or ground light sorry to confussing the american army we just try to have dinner

  4. i am from Australia and was driving through Death valley and they were flying fighter jets during the day around the canyons.   That night i saw the same damn thing these night vision goggles picked except they were moving across the sky in a controlled way. I thought they must have been some kind of new military flare that could be controlled but it was just light a ball of light with streams coming out both ends.  So it seems the average soldier doesn't know what they are either. Very strange.

  5. Aleins are real goverment sorry but the goverment is hiding aleins I call the alein technology nano-tech. Because they have the ability to remove their image saw that suit to we have a suit that can make us re apear an disapear sorry goverment (oh and good luck with the iron amn suit for the military blame cnn student news for this info)

  6. damn in almost every video I see of alien spacecraft, those shits can appear out of nowhere and reappear like "magic" is it a camo spacecraft or teleportation ability. All I know is that they CAN do it and our science is nowhere near theirs.

  7. 'soondead' says that I am using stereotypes to define Americans (the fat stupid stereotype) which is an assumption on his/her part.
    The fact of the matter is that what I said is fact! Check it out for yourself, its alarming if you come from the US, sickening if you don't. 😛

  8. I think there is something wrong with you. I just read your argument with soondead07 and it seems you lack the ability to understand such a simple concept. It also seems as if you cannot focus on the subject at hand with your own responses.. You, yourself should consider ritalin. It may help with your lack of focus and your ability to follow ina debate

  9. Hypocrite: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

    Unless you are admitting yourself to be stupid than you are a hypocrite. Basically I am willing to admit my assumption of accusing you of being a hypocrite was wrong if you are willing to state that you are "stupid". Otherwise my assumption was correct. Though it isn't much a victory for myself if you truly believe in every stereotype you hear. It is like debating with a child.

  10. Ok just stop. You’re making me feel embarrassed for you. You have to start thinkin straight, whats the matter? You forget to take your Ritalin today  Interesting fact actually, did you know a tenth of your population is on it, all kids? Anyway A hypocrite is someone who goes’ back on his/her word, they say or do something that’s totally against their character. It’s impossible to call me a hypocrite regarding my comment. Using assumptions to back up your argument is pointless… you lose XD

  11. I just explained it. You should reread it. Calling someone else stupid when you believe in all stereotypes is stupidity. Calling someone stupid when you yourself are stupid is hypocritical. Clearly though you are just a child and aren't fully able to understand origins of stereotypes, so their isn't much point in arguing with you.

  12. Hypocritical.. Tell me, how does the comment 'Americans are fat and stupid' make me a hypocrite? Do you even know what term mean's? or are you just being American. lol 😉

  13. If using stereotypes helps you feel better about yourself by all means use them all you want. However, anyone with an average IQ can tell that your comments is exceedingly hypocritical. Believing in such stereotypes can also be referred to as stupidity. It is just reflecting poorly on yourself.

  14. Second…I was been in the Bosnian war when I was been child of 10 years..and I was seen many of this UFO with my naked eyes…rockets,aircrafts,anti-aircraft lightning bullets…but suprise me that one american soldier don't know what is this?

  15. The marines are having hallucinations? First, check your spelling. Next, how can it be a hallucination if it was caught on video? You are seeing the same thing. It's an unidentified object as stated in the video, meaning that they don't know what it is. (no mention of aliens) Way to jump on the bandwagon for hating Americans. If you plan on doing so again in the future at least have more creditability.

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UFOs over Iraq – spooky footage captured by marines (Video)

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