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  1. Wow!! Got scared for you for a moment. This is a very interesting video. It really makes you think! Thank You Rick. This was Awesome!!!

  2. I think the plane over Atlantic city is the rewinding of the recording (in my humble opinion) 👍 great lovely video. I'm a new subscriber. Bless you all on here

  3. About the plain, I was wondering. If a small plane was travelling at 100mph into a headwind of 110mph, wouldn't the plain actually be going backwards at 10mph??

  4. Hey Rick! I have a pretty good answer for the Plane looking like its staying place. I'm thinking because the banner is causing alot of drag, and the plane is going towards the wind that it is being pushed so much due to the wind and banner causing drag so it seems like its not moving at all. object in motion stays in motion unless interfered with by another outside force? Thats what I came up with. I hope it helps. keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing.💗✌👍😁

  5. Hi good one the plane second vid. I'm a pilot and yeah that happens when headwing is high and that plane was dragging some sort of ad. inside there will be a stall warning and the pitot. Due to that will show some airspeed but no groundspeed is seen or if from ground will go backwards yeah 😉 when you get out from the headwind, the groundspeed will go bang 😉

  6. The first one is a drone of some sort.
    That small plane with the banner is caught in a headwind. The red scarf woman is just a coincidence, besides, they look nothing alike!
    The car footage shows nothing, the still taken from the car footage could show debris in the wind or a hang glider.

  7. Always fascinating material Rick! Love your videos! Don’t die on us though!!!! Stay safe, and keep producing your amazing work! Cheers!

  8. The plane might in fact be a glider and I don't think the woman in the foreground looks like the woman in the background, they're just wearing the same clothes! The other stuff is interesting though.

  9. If that plane was being pushed back by the wind, it wouldn't just hover there would it? It would stall and fall out of the sky in my mind, but I could be wrong.
    Oh, Rick pull over and film next time.

  10. could be a helicopter carrying something big underneath it. the very top has a flicker like a propeller. when you carry something with a helicopter the thing has to be right under the propellers to be stable. just an assumption. it could be a UFO too.

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