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  1. Welcome back, Faithful Viewers! For your mid-week weirdness we bring you an… interesting bit of UFO video.  Was a TR-3B UFO Caught on Tape of by a New Zealand Cattle Rancher overseeing the birth of two calves or is this footage a little 'too good' and 'too convenient' to be true? Watch the footage, decide for yourself if this is just a load of BS and sound off below with your thoughts!

  2. Did Ken even watch the video lol. Skydivers do not moving in a horizontal line. They are falling. They would move in a diagonal descending line if they wanted to travel forward. Also there are no parachutes visible, nor the plane in which they jumped from.

    I am curious as to why the footage stops, just when one of the lights much further to the left pops back on. The footage cuts off and seeing how there's some sorta of radar tower in the background left. Close to a town or airport? IDK, kinda suspect.

    All that said, I don't think it's a hoax, cgi etc…This might truly be those same type of lights and orbs seen all over the world recently and in the recent past. They are appearing more frequently than ever it seems.

    Taking the footage as is, and with what filter you could apply. The color is not uniform, the footage is a bit shaky, which leads me to believe no editing was done. No CGI, photshop, not a hoax. Until I can process it myself….as is…UFO's.

    Doesn't mean it's Aliens. Technically a UFO is just something unidentifiable. This is unidentifiable IMHO.

  3. This looks very similar to another video I saw of skydivers with flares attached to their lower legs. Apparently, there are clubs of these divers that jump out at night and, after deploying their parachutes, ignite the flares so they can locate each other. This is suggested by the constant slow descent of the lights during the video and their occasional winking out as a diver rotates during his descent and his flare's light output is blocked from view by another part of his body. They are often mistaken for ET UFOs which, of course, they are not. Here's an image of how these divers attach the flares to their legs:


    There is, however, a weird streak of light that seems to be taking off at high speed from the ground toward the left side of the frame and up into the sky at time 2:36 or so. Maybe that was a real ET UFO in this video!

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UFOs Caught on Tape Over New Zealand Ranch – Paranormal News Minute (Video)

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