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  1. Ontem eu e mais un 6 rapazes avistamos umas 5 a 6 luzes, contornavam-se entre si, nos céus de nova iguaçu, bairro da luz. Avistamos qd estávamos esperando o onibus.

  2. @Wms7337 Oh, I had no clue you were one of his friends. How weird. Who is this? Yeah, he came home one time all excited about it. And he told us to check it out ASAP on YouTube. 🙂

  3. This is due to the March AFB installation. It's reported as closed, but after living in Quail Valley several years ago (adjoining the BLM land behind Canyon Lake) I am convinced that there is a D.U.M.B. (deep underground military base) at this location. Especially now that I have seen the Federal Gov't taking people's land in Murrieta under "Imminent Domain".

    A lot of very very strange stuff went on out there; it just gave me the creeps.

  4. Last week, went to Van Buren Drive in… On the way home, around 1:35ish am Saw a big ass light appear out of no where and shoot down fast as Fk, kinda like the one in Jeruslem.. Funny thing is, it was in Riverside, CA too. I was hopping someone would have caught it on video, we were on the freeway when we saw it.. Just wondering if anyone saw it too, HMU i wanna know.. i think somethings happeneing in riverside, the one isaw was way way closer and huge.

  5. Just imagine three times three is nine,so their are nine angles,meh i dont know what im saying here but i just recently watched a video concerning 3 triangles in a crystal form.

  6. Guys, wake up !!!!!! will you still do not realize that events like this are happening in the world?? just look UFO or UFOs or anything like that oped similarities in the videos … but are not invaders announcing the end of the world, no!! are lights of various hues and sizes, pure energy bodies announcing the new phase of humanity … the stage of real peace and balance, we will know as part of nature! READ THE BOOKS IN THE UNIVERSE DESENCATO

  7. Автоматический перевод (русский): да, я не могла поверить, что я видел немного, я видел это собственными глазами

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Ufos caught in riverside california (Video)

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