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  1. These is not your video, and you don't have any permission to unload these video, may be entitled for a legal copyright demand. Please delete the video from your page.

    Thank you.

  2. Judging by the size of these orbs that keep appearing, I think we're being visited by the cast of Land of The Giants. Little minute diddy people. No wonder we never see them in real life if they're that small. Careful you don't stand on them whilst looking upwards searching the skies for their craft! 😀

  3. Flying Grey Basket Ball probably has an Intel Pentium Four processor lol

    On a serious Note it's the same shape reported by soldiers at Nuclear weapons bases all around the world UK USA RUSSIA Etc. . .spooky

  4. I could go with balloons but for the polyhedron appearance when closely examined. It seems to design such balloon shapes would be quite an unnecessary challenge.

  5. after reading the comments it is clear to me how easily people can be fooled. the flight  pattern your seeing is the planes. Watch the video again, closely.  the object is almost standing still. makes a close pass past it. the pilot then circles around and fly's under the object. This is exactly what a large balloon looks like when you fly by them close and fast.  Large balloons are commonly used to hold advertisement banners up and often break free in strong winds. I have been a private pilot for over 25 years and have seen balloons like  this many times.

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UFOs Captured Flying Past Propeller Plane in Mexico [SIGHTING] (Video)

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