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  1. Let me clear some stuff up, first there isn't 2 different fighter jets seeing the "ufo" it's 2 pilots in one fighter jet. And the camera the footage is from is the camera that operates 30mm cannon, that's why it tracks so well. I believe this is a artifact in the lens. Not a ufo. If a civilization is so advanced to come here you won't be seeing them lmao.

  2. I am convinced that “aliens” have been visiting earth for thousands of years, guiding humans along. I believe what we consider “aliens” are extra-dimensional beings, some being what religious people would consider demonic. I also believe that all these movies over the last 6-8 years based on aliens coming to earth are not occurring in an obvious pattern for no reason. They are preparing us. Something big is going to happen soon. Maybe a couple years from now……just a really strong gut feeling. Call me crazy but theirs just so many signs.

  3. Fake you can hear the wind hitting the plane..this is not possible because the pilots mic is inside of the helmet…plus do air force pilots say bro and dude give me a break…

  4. The little man on my shoulder keeps telling me don't look on the surface dig deep, if the public is seeing this it can't be actual alien UFOs its prob some secret weapon they'll tell us about on the history channel in the 2020's.

  5. There's an interview with the pilot broadcast on Fox [insert Simpson's joke]. The weather was clear and bright. It mirrored their movements and their radar was jammed. He says when they moved closer the craft changed course and accelerated away at supersonic speed. In two seconds it was no longer visible in fifty miles of airspace. It also created wash in the water fifty metres below. The pilot said nothing ever built has the same capability and a human would not withstand the G-force. There was also a fleet of them, not just this one craft and they had been spotted and tracked over a two week period.

  6. from the comments posted I can see why the defense dept didnt release this footage and why it is not releasing the more interesting stuff. People who dont even know who they are voting for certainly dont have the scientific background to digest this and arent understanding this at all. First how does this relate to the other citings? Why was this released now? The real secrets are all in the open for scientists who want to know more.. this conspiracy nonsense is only among the general public who dont have a clue.. This was only a pilot who had no instruments to measure anything.. what did he see? thats why its called a UFO. His conclusions are not warranted by the data. He said that it went from 20 to 60 thousand feet in an instant then disappeared. What does this really mean
    ?This is obviously an unmanned probe. Whoever is doing this is doing what we are… threat assesement. Any further analysis requires more data and is NOT for public consumption.

  7. Technically, is you fly an RC plane above someone’s head and they look and don’t know what it is, it’s a UFO. An unidentified flying object.

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UFO spotted by US fighter jet pilots, new footage reveals – BBC News (Video)

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