UFO Sightings Shocking Claims By U.S. Senator Extraterrestrial Cover Up By World Governments! (Video)

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  1. me and my girlfriend found video and pics of us tuning up to a ufo two weeks ago this Friday but we don't remember it whatsoever plus I got pic of ufo crashed next to my house two days ago cops did nothing saw my video and pics but said some things can't be explained and left but there is impressions still in the grass we live here in somerville Tennessee it's hard now to know what's real or not. nobody cares

  2. isn't funny how 99% of the UFO video's and photographs are blurred, fuzzy and unrecognizable? It's also funny seeing people thinking they are seeing a UFO when it's clearly a drone, balloons, aircraft with the landing lights on and shit like that, right? NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG I believe we are being visited from another dimension or something like that and I believe people have had real encounters with the Grays etc. BUT wouldn't everyone like to see a real non earthly craft videoed in the day time and in focus by a news agency just one time?Also Showing a landing and spectacular flying and maybe a window so we can see exactly what kind of being is flying it. Maybe we are not suppose to see them but we do sometimes because the teenager Gray-lings stole their Gray-lings parents Flying Saucer! lol Maybe? huh. Anyway I have had 3rd encounters in the past and one sighting I could not explain but what I saw might have been a Star dying and it was a billion to one shot that I saw the light ending at earth. Anyway I believe but I just want to see one like Travis Walton did and to remember it. Those suckers got the power to make you forget and give you false images.Really!

  3. When we start getting bottemless pits everywhere with gas coming out then something is wrong. Too bad we can't have free energy to help us survive. But guess what.. Those who understand and know spiritually will make it. What do you believe in? Believe in yourself and in everyone you love.

  4. The Sumerians told us. It's written in everything. All religions. Niburu is on it's way. Get online and search for active volcanoes. It's heading our way. You'll be able to see it in the sky around April 2016. It'll take 7 years for it to get thru our solar system and head its way back out. 12/21/12 was the beginning of that 7 years. The nearest it'll be around earth is in 2016 but by that time a lot of people will already have perished by the waters. Coastal cities will be wiped out due to the gravitational pull from Niburu. It's why we are seeing so many natural disasters.

  5. I think if the UN made a press/TV release that UFO's are real and we are not alone then people would say "We knew that already!" , just get on and solve our "Earth" problems!

  6. there might be no panic out there but I guess more passion.. Everyone wants to know more then.. wnat to know the whole truth.. about all the lies.. and some might want some heads to roll… not even in a methaphoric way..

  7. Great video.

    IMO, it is right for the military to keep the information we know about ETs and their technology secret. For many reasons …

    Just as an example, our air force currently has air superiority in this world. Why in the world would we want to introduce something like anti-gravity technology, introduce it to the whole world, and put the Chinese air force at the same level as the US? That would not be wise.

    Does any one out there disagree with the above statement and why?

  8. Good conversation Blake your guests were informative..the body of evidence for contact is irrefutable..the only way not to know is too not want to know..there is still ignorance and fear regarding contact…logical until you consider how long they may have been here and what they can possibly do..denial and responses like 'prove it' seem childish .the balance between believers and non-believers will reach a tipping point where a serious push from all sides will occur..the trolls and skeptics already appear more foolish and frightened lately..if we could just make a mainstream argument for the energy possibilities alone it would be enough for a bit..thanks

  9. Please tell me how I can get in touch with someone….During the presentation I heard Dr.Lear  talking about Dr. Robert Kuntz and his analysis or Implants??? the reason I am asking this…30 years ago I had a cat scan of my head and they saw an image…about the size of a bullet…perfectly formed…about the size of my little finger…they wanted to do exploratory surgery???I would not let them…2 years latter they looked again…still there and no different…shows up white on the scan..not black and not on the  outside of my brain  like scar tissue.lobe????
     want to know if it is an implant …..I fell it is ???

  10. i just recently watch a video called 2001 UFO disclosure project and i found it quite surprising that i hadn't  heard of it previously.the project is lead by Dr Steven Greer

  11. I like ur videos! Forget all the jealous losers of ufo channels on utube. If you are jealous don't watch them you pathetic trolls!

  12. People have driven past foreign objects in the sky even hoverimg to the side of the freeway. My cousin and I stood under such in 76 on sound no wind movement and yet gone from sight while under it. I enjoyed listening to this video. Would like to see interplanetary visitors create a trade with us. Also come to our rescue from our natural disasters, I believe indigenous people would be more open to improvements from them and we will learn from their examples.

  13. REV13:2 The dragon(REBEL ALIENs) gave the beast(NAZIs&US ARMY) his power(ALIEN INSIGHT) and his throne(MILITARY SUPREMACY) and great authority(MASS CONTROL INTEL).4 They(GOV AUTHORITIES) fell down(SUBMIT) and paid homage(ENTERED INTO AGREEMENT) to the dragon(REBEL ALIEN COMMANDER), because he had bestowed(TRANSFERRED) on the beast all his dominion(ALIEN TECH=MAN MADE UFOs) and authority; they also praised and worshiped the beast(ARMY), exclaiming, Who is a match for the beast?

  14. Rev 12:12 Therefore rejoice, O HEAVENS, and ye THAT DWELL IN THEM(ALIENS LOYAL TO YHWH). Woe for the earth and for the sea: because THE DEVIL(REBEL ALIENS) IS GONE DOWN UNTO YOU, having great wrath, knowing that he hath but a short time. -2Cor11:14 Satan fashions himself into an angel(ALIEN) of light (KNOWLEDGE). 

  15. People can see UFOs and aliens but they can't see the billion and a half celestial beings that are stationed on Earth and allowing these aliens to do what they do.
    This is going to disturb some people, but these aliens are here because they were sent by God to do what they are doing. Just chill out. There is nothing we can do. They are here because humanity is about to become extinct on Earth. They are salvaging the genetics. That is their job in the universe when planetary civilizations are threatened with extinction. God sent them. They aren't here to take over the planet. This planet is doomed. They don't need it.

  16. The only way out of this quagmire is for  Alien ships to make day landings in all the major cities of the world at the same time.

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UFO Sightings Shocking Claims By U.S. Senator Extraterrestrial Cover Up By World Governments! (Video)

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