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  1. Today i was driving home an arcade from with my dad, there were no stars out. We saw a bright thing in the sky which was what we first though was a planet, but we saw it moving and thought it was a plane. We went behind some trees and saw that the object was completely gone. There were NO clouds, if it was a plane whos lights turned off, we would still be able too see as it was a bit light out still. We were freaked out, my dad texted my mom and she said that she saw what she thought was a plane, leaving a trail behind it, but then all of the sudden did i super fast zig-zag and disappeared. It was in the same area me and my dad saw an object. I am still a bit overwhelmed because what we saw could've just been an alien.

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UFO Sightings August 18-19, 2017 – Submissions Compilation (Video)

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