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  1. MUFON 90928 – a bright light – not much to see there – planets and certain stars can get that bright at night.
    MUFON 90936 – not much to see there – hard to tell
    MUFON 90941 – hard to tell from that picture.
    MUFON 90949 – its a god damn water bottle reflected in a window. (cap, bottle and and label)
    MUFON 90952 – a spotlight – installed to light the yard – cmon, are you falling for trolls now ?
    MUFON 90956 – could be skyscrapers poking through a layer of clouds – clouds getting disturbed whilst passing them
    MUFON 90958 – actually interesting (dates on tape and for the report dont match)
    MUFON 90963 – EDIT: took me a while …. its a drop of water running down the windshield or window pane.
    MUFON 90964 – actually interesting
    MUFON 90971 – planes – you can see the wing crossing over the body (darker triangle shapes)
    MUFON 90980 – interesting – could just be a flock of birds hard to tell with the quality of the video (many fragments – so it seems like things are popping in and out of existence)
    MUFON 90992 – Palm Bay – there are several military and Air Force bases near by – including Patrick AFB, Malabar Annex AFB. Also Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral. Also Elon Musks SpaceX launches from a leased platform at the Kennedy Space Center (Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39) – hovering rockets are a thing there.

    Stay vigilant guys and gals. Pls dont post things like the obvious waterbottle reflection or spotlight – it makes the whole community look like nut jobs with a confirmation bias. Its hard enough for us to be taken seriously allready.

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