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  1. The sighting at 7:17/10:12 is very similar to what I just saw LAST NIGHT. I'm freaked out a little bit trying to see what the heck this was or if there is something that someone else has seen that is similar to what I saw. I literally drove directly underneath it… there was no sound until I was underneath it then I could hear some kind of engine. I thought it was a plane in the distance when I first noticed it… but minutes later as I continued driving… I realized it wasn't a plane in the distance it was something hovering // stationary in the sky above the road I was on … I drove right under it and it was only above the power lines .. I saw this thing clearly! And I'm a skeptic I don't read too much into this kind of thing… but this was NOT a plane and it definitely was NOT a drone! I turned around to get some kind of footage but seconds later it was just a spot of light in the dark sky. The footage quality is terrible because it was so dark. I had another person with me we are totally wow'd by this right now 😀

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UFO Sightings #114 March 9-16, 2018 – Submissions Compilation (Video)

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