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  1. Dude we been seeing the same thing over Kentucky lake my buddy even has some footage of it going down to land getting Really bright dimming down then getting really bright again then going up and going into the water craziest shit I’ve ever seen

  2. Nice channel by the way I like your more when you verify where the UFO footage is from. Because I feel and I have seem people take real lights off of real videos. And put it on another video. I'm not saying that's what happened here but your videos are great because you guys go out and investigate but when you don't you seem like every other channel and it seems kinda fake. Just my opinion but great channel though!

  3. This is some of the best UFO footage I've ever seen! Keep up the great work Tim and Tracey! I'm 200% confident you guys will have a series on Netflix in the very near future.

  4. GREAT…at last, someone that uses a Tripod and even if ppl have not got one just lean against something to steady your hand…otherwise we cant see if its moving or not or how many there are etc. Good vid.

  5. I think you should go look at the sky in sanger ca ..my uncle lives in the country and when I stayed out there ..I did see alot of move ment in the sky ..and that's not to far away from where I saw a ufo ..not to far from the ground……but I think you may find something out there .

  6. i saw this same orb about 3 years ago. i saw it 2 nights in a row heading west to east in michigan. it was still kinda light out just like in the video where there were no other stars out when i saw it to the west of me but as it travelled east some stars came out as it got darker out. the really weird thing is that when it was just east of me in the sky i saw a red dot come out of it kinda like looking at a laser pointer dot 100 feet away. the red dot headed right towards another what i thought was a star that came out because it wasnt as bright as the orb only a quarter as bright but the red dot stopped right where this other orb was the red dot and littler orb took off together to the south south east. the larger orb went out of view as the red dot and littler orb merged due to trees. i had the orb on camera but with no depth perspective and a not that great camera i deleted it besides i never thought anyone would believe me. but when i saw this which is what the orb looked like and around the same time of night i saw it i thought i would tell my story of what i saw.

  7. I saw one of your trucks in town the other day and told my daughter I wanted to pull over and share my experience. I have seen a flying pyramid in broad daylight with 4 friends. There was no doubt it was a craft it was very close. I have heard military whistle blowers talk about a secret military base inside of greehorn mountain.

  8. First, happy 20th Phoenix Lights,,, What you have here are lights that are very similar to, if not the ones seen above Phoenix, 20 years ago. second thanks for using pleasant music,,,,

  9. yea definitely fallen angels,angels of light. they stay together and separate at times. when jesus asked them what their names were they said they call themselves  legion.

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UFO SIGHTING: Orb UFO Divides on Video – 01/22/2017 (Video)

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