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  1. One day someone with a 12MP camera will record a UFO and we might be able to actually see it. Considering most new phones for the last 2 years have quality cameras, sightings like this scream FAKE. Either that or most people have got their phone stuck on the selfie front camera.

  2. this is a human with special power ,not balloon. the man moved very fast even over plane. he stopped on the building. every stupid person the flying man is not true ,this only proved one thing that the one is the most stupidest person in the world like animal. so these unbelieve people need not watch any about UFO or special power man video .only need live their animal live,OKAY?

  3. Please get a still shot of the thing or record it whilst holding the camera as still as possible otherwise it can be anything but a legit UFO.

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UFO Sighting Filmed In Mexico 2018 (Video)

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