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  1. with over 200 trillion galaxies in our universe and all of the earth like planets we found, there has gotta be more Life out there. but people don't forget UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. So you say IFO if you know its a flying saucer. And i think this is real. It looks real enough. And how do people know the planes we see at night aren't actually planes?? it could be an IFO disguised as a plane. Shoot your teacher can be an alien for all u know. Planes blink their lights at night could be a aliens tricking us. Anybody around could be an alien. Cause I DONT think that they are just gonna observe us from above. They gotta get more Intel on us. so they could disguised as a human. i want people to think about this because this is a serious topic. were talking about Intergalactic alliances or Human Extinction. Or maybe more than one Earth. A boost in technology and smarter humans… and the world leaders need to stop giving us citizens bullshit. We know they are real. And if you don't tell us then when a all out invasion happens we will be even more freaked out than before. all I'm saying is we need to find proof these things are real. and I'm talking about REAL proof. Not blinking lights in the sky. So be one the lookout. We Are not Alone….

  2. For my two pennies worth, I actually do believe we have been visited by aliens and some of these reports are real, but………………………………………………………………for God sakes! just one time, ONE TIME!!! I would like to see clear detailed images or movie showing an alien ship in 1080p – we have the technology don't we??? 
    Instead, we're treated to what could be some fuzzy ass housefly zipping around looking for some s..t to sit on…. or some minuscule dot of light on a dark night, and so poor or dark is the imagery you can't make any detail out!?
    Like staring straight at Batman's ass for 10 minutes.

  3. It's fake because of the sound FX. You can't have that detail of sound from that very far away object. Or else the whole city will hear it and go nuts.

  4. clearly those are multiple crafts/ships/whatever they are formed to make one sphere if you look closely it is almost like there is 30 or so orbiting the one in the center as in per say the nucleus. It could be how they are all synchronized. I found a video that shows all of them scattered after this occurs so you might want to rethink what technology they are capable of.

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UFO Sighting above Brazil During Night – FindingUFO (Video)

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