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  1. Damn check out those legs, gettin a fine moon tan on layin out like that. Dial it back a bit NASA any better resolution and things aint PG anymore, not like im complaining.

  2. I Know.. I have always known that we don't fit where we are supposed to on this world we just don't gel with the whole entire world .. And there is some serious shit coming as in knowledge that a lot of Ostrich head sand buriers don't want to know about …. Its going to be a interesting next few years

  3. Apparently there are "aliens" crawling all over the moon. What's your opinion on this video "Undeniable Evidence Aliens Do Not Come From Other Galaxies" ?

  4. Google Earth- FAKE you, me or anybody else will never have chance to see something like that EVER, if exist.Either you or somebody you took this picture played game,like seriously how tall that being must be to appear on Moon surface so visible and how close they can bring Moon surface.Don't tell me you can see Moon rocks using Google Earth.I had Google Earth,waist of hard drive,they upload pictures 2 a month,B.S, picture of my house is 10 years old, never mind 2 a month,but for 10 years I think I should be on schedule or at least some other places that I seen before. 

  5. i hope you know that the moon was faked and its on youtube
    whats the best way to get to the moon and fast way then any one else back then
    there was a rush who could get there first ,  well the usa faked it they even made a movie of it called cap acorn one , this movie was made in the 70s and was pulled you cant find it any where

  6. C'est quand même étrange !…
    La lumière des cratères vient de la droite au regard des ombrages et le supposé bonhomme est éclairé depuis la gauche !…
    Et puis une ombre de 180m, il faudrait que votre bonhomme soit un sacré géant.
    C'est tout ce que vous voulez sauf un alien.

  7. Well, the Nasa doesn't go back on the moon and China made first a big deal heading there and bringing best HD pics and now its gone dead quiet. It's kinda weird!! Or not?

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UFO September 2014 – Multiple Alien Sightings on the Moon New Amazing Footage (Video)

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