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  1. Seems we cannot have a sunny day in StL anymore, whenever we do the chemical
    planes fill the skies & cloud it up as fast as possible w/ chemtrails. Hmmm.

  2. Human Deception is the root of all evil on our world. Our spirit body is
    what gives us conciousness, without conciousness the physical body
    cannot function. We are immortal beings that is having a temproary human
    experience. Our purpose in this timeline is to raise the human
    awareness. We have lived many lifetimes before on other plantes, we just
    don`t remember any of it. There is nothing to fear, because the
    majority of aliens are very friendly in nature and they only want to

    Unfortuantely because of Human Deception the beliefsystems we have on
    this world are turned upside down. Media, Religion and other typs of
    control mechanisms have wrongly portraited aliens as something demonic
    and evil. The Secret Government is doing everything they can to keep us
    busy and disconnected from the galactic community.

    Aliens are sharing messages with us on a daily basis through a process
    called channeling. Feel free to follow #IvanTeller ,
    #HucoloTV-HumanColony , #PleiadianProfessor

    Please share this message with your friends. Have a wonderful day!

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UFO Over St. Louis Arch Caught on Security Camera! (Video)

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