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  1. I got something for everyone to think on. If this video is not fake and UFOs are real and aliens are visiting Earth then think of this if they are visiting now they have in the past long ago in the past which means they've been watching us for a very long long long time. Why? Why are they watching us? Species with technology such as this just watching. Try not to worry yourselves if this was a Prelude to invasion they've had eons to land and take this planet over yet they just watch. Like kids with an ant farm. Are we there ants? Possibly. Are they the ones that built the farm? Given their technology level possible. Is there evidence of a species of their capabilities visiting this planet before on Earth? the answer is yes there is evidence. No one knows how the Crystal Skulls were made, even with today's technology we cannot duplicate them and that is just a small example.

  2. Just to put this video into perspective. Even if this did turn out to be fake it still would represent an excellent and accurate simulation of sightings that have actually been witnessed by pilots over the oceans around Australia and Indonesia. One example is included in an Australian radio documentary 'Catch a Falling Star' about UFOs that was produced either in the 1980s or 1990s that was available on cassette tape.

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UFO mothership over the SEA in AUSTRALIA !!! April 2018 (Video)

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