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  1. The white lights on the end of that peer are in fact seagulls. The light from the Arcade is reflecting off their white wings. Yeesh. I know English peers and it's a strange looking but natural occurrence.

  2. I don't know what the others are but number 2 is a Chinese lantern. These can move very fast when caught in the wind. They knew it was a Chinese lantern and have done all along. This has never been a secret and never was up for debate.

  3. i saw one earlier today not sure what it was just looked like a bright light ther one minute when i looked again about 2 seconds after it had gone ther wasnt a cloud in the sky im always looking for them

  4. I saw an orb in 2013 on a plane returning from the Cayman islands. I think these so called UFOs are top level secret technology by our governments.

  5. The truth is scarier than you'll ever know.
    When contact landing is made all governments will collapse! That's why they make deals with ET and the public is going missing in mass counts look it up.

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UFO Footage Live on the BBC News – UFO’s in the UK, England. (Video)

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