UFO Documentary 2016 Alien Encounters – Real Alien Encounters In America (Video)

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  1. WellI i have seen one in broad day light! While working with a friend. Either we have something IMPOSSIBLY ADVANCED, or UFOS are real !Im lucky to have see one because i do not have to decide , or believe. I know they are real,

  2. it did it me too as I was 7 year old in Newark Ohio green are white little people's come to get me as I and family was in bed for 1 week are more I was inside the UFO and they working on me too with other people's and UFO is truth I am Mr. Richard Whittington in Bangor Maine and I did see the UFO it is very big UFO and it did not move any way 2 hour's and I did go into my house to eat food and for gut about it for 1 hour and I did go back out side and I did find it and I did out the other door and I did find it how did it get over her and it was not moving any were and the UFO is truth ! it did shows me want was going to come in the year's to come and I cannot stop it and I do have the knowledge that the worse time is coming very soon it is not good 1. I did know that the ISIS IS GOING TO KILL'S THE PEOPLE'S PUT THEM IN POWER 2. THEY ARE GOING TO COME INTO ALL OVER THE WOULD TO TAKE OVER 3. THE GAY'S AND GOD HOLY PEOPLE'S AND PEOPLE'S PUT THEM INTO POWER AND ANY ONE WHO WILL NOT GOING TO TAKE THE DEVIL AS THERE GOD THEY ARE GOING TO BE KILL OFF AND THEY PEOPLE'S IS LIVING FOR THE DEVIL GOING TO BE HARM TO GET THEM TRUTH TURN OVER THERE LIFE'S TO THE DEVIL AND THEY ARE KILL ALL LIVING LIFE'S ON THIS WOULD AND 3. DEVIL IS GOING TO MAKE THE PEOPLE'S TO TAKE THE MARK ARE HIS NAME OF THE DEVIL HEAD'S ARE HAND'S 666 IT IS THE RFID ARE BRAIN CHIP'S IS THAT MARK OF THE DEVIL AND THE NIV BIBLE IS THE WORD'S OF THE DEVIL IT IS ALL LIAR'S TO MAKE PEOPLE'S TO FALL DOWN INTO HELL!

  3. I am surprised that today we still say "we may have been visited by UFOs" We have from the beginning of the earth. It's the government that has been lying. I believe I saw two ETs in a very unexpected place. I wish somebody could invetigate it.

  4. UFO: 6 Million years to nearest star with a planet in a habitual zone and no life there. Man did NOT walk the earth 6 million years ago. Radiation in deep space equivalent to 4500 full body x-rays daily and lethal spikes from cmes and cosmic rays. Cystic Fibrosis and anemia sets in after 3 years exposure to zero g. 40% bone loss after only ONE year! Women would die much quicker the females of our species absorb radiation at a much faster rate than males. Since ET is 1: cellular being reproduces at cellular level. 2: Breathes Oxygen. Has A bone structure like ours they would long be dead before they there could ever get to earth. Radiation destroys red blood blood cells in the marrow of the bones it is no longer produced by the body the body attacks itself with white blood cells that dont carry oxygen you die from anemia in less than 3 years. Aliens could not survive radiation just like us us and no planets are close by close I mean able to get there and back in a lifetime. Oxygen alone is easy to figure out. 12 cubic meters per day per person not working hard. times 6 million years. Now the volume of your ship is approaching the size of Jupiter. Thats explains itself as a fraud or impossibility.

  5. you needed to humble yourselves to me. not attack and terrorize falsely. you are false belittlers. false mockers. false devalues. false disrespecting me and my life as deluded obsessed with me inferior little cesspool of swarming lowlife loser cowards womanizer excuses for yourselves idiots for people.

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UFO Documentary 2016 Alien Encounters – Real Alien Encounters In America (Video)

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