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  1. Buen vídeo, aviones!.. Entra a mi pagina y lo corroboras, tienes una pista y aeropuerto cerca. El segundo objeto qye aparece e de la nada, es un avión que da vuelta.
    Salufos.. El exceso de brillo de tu tecnología causa el efecto…

  2. bet u thats what the star of Bethlehem actually looked like and was, the fallen angels, demons. wise men where actually astrologers, led by star to king Herod first, who wanted him dead, then to Bethlehem. The Magi were not present when Jesus was a baby, instead later on when he was a young child in a house. If u look at it from a bible view point it does make sense, et's do have a lot of things in common with biblical accounts of demons, a coming alien deception very possible. More and more of people looking to et's now and not Jesus to return, and looking down at there technology and not up to the heavens anymore. The earth is angry in every way right now regardless of what u believe, If its ancient aliens or the fallen angels. In a way angels are alien, not earth born, but not another planet born either, but i personally dont think they are this planets Savior, and it needs one because as a human race we are falling apart.

  3. I see them all the time here in north central Florida. When I try to show people they always say oh that's just a star. It's frustrating because stars are not that low.

  4. Interesting footage, would love to know the approximate location, judging by the number of bugs must be northern Australia, Queensland, or Northern Territory. Amazing how bright and out of nowhere the 2 light chimes in! And yeah, I would like to know what that is, we see flying into the trees, and sparks fall toward the ground at the 1:33 mark, it does look like a bottle rocket. LOL

  5. Last night in St. Louis Missouri I was outside and literally watched the same thing in sky, first looked like a star slowly moving across the sky, right as that went out of sight a second one appeared and was really bright and slowly went a different direction, shining very bright and then going dim, about 20-25 times! I was watching with my kid and I said I wish I would’ve caught on camera, but I said well I’m sure someone did, then I see this video tonight that happened in Australia a world away days ago!! Wow

  6. These UFOs remind me of sharks swimming around before they capture prey. I do know to stay inside when the armada shows up. That is when we all will know that Strategic Defense Initiative was a failure.

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UFO Caught in Infrared Quickly Rises Above Trees [SIGHTINGS] (Video)

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