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  1. I'm 50. I have searched the skies in CA, AZ, NM, TX and England since I was a teenager and have seen nothing. I'm not denying UFO's I just have never seen any yet they seem to be everywhere. Maybe I'm not on the same planet as everyone else???

  2. lol, half of those are definetly "after effects"-edited.. XD absolutely clear! as it wasn't that easy to fake something like this, peaple at least FAKED it better than this.!^^

  3. I love the Pleaidians very much I believe in the Galactic Federation of Light. Humans need help very much and most of us don't even know it. I guess ignorance is bliss to millions…..I love you my Pleaidian brother and sisters…

  4. Well thanks for the comp. but this compilation was not my work =( …. one of my friends did this excellent work ….. and yes I have heard about that incident, governments are always trying to keep us in the dark as if we cant' see thru their smoke screens.

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