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  1. Sorry I have a double clip because my Wi-Fi is just terrible. I cannot even tell you how long it took me to get this video from start to finish and uploaded πŸ™‚

  2. My Dad was a Logger, I know what & How the trees fall, lay on the ground, etc..These are not Normal formations of Trees, Logs. I think its Fantastic what you are doing, Be Safe. Prayers for you.

  3. Holy Shit Marc !! There was one right in front of you no more than 20-40 ft. I see it plane as day and you can see move down and away as you play it forward it standing straight up next to a tree almost the hole body is exposed. WOW WOW WOW 😲. I’m saving the screen shot to my photos some of the best evidence yet I’ve collected.thanks Marc

  4. Ya mark I used to think most of it was natural tree fall do to normal conditions of that particular area but after seeing more and more your right they are being manipulated by something almost certainly.

  5. 04:52 start at the very tall X in the middle, now look to your right at the bottom of the trees, at the 4th tree stop and look up that tree at about where the center of the X is, you can see at least 2 BFs at that level in the 3rd and 4th trees. Thank Me Later,,,,

  6. I've got some lyrics for you Marc , I am Iron Man . In this case , you are Iron Man … I've got ADHD and or ADD. It sucks and it's cool at the same time . We are in good company . Apparently there is a link between VERY respectable IQ and this weird condition . It's kind of maddening , but I'd rather have it than not . YEP ,THE WIND IS JUST AMAZING .Anyone who looks at your channel and says " it's the wind " is a damned fool .

  7. Marc you have cajones of wurtzite boron nitride . ( I looked up the hardest material known .) You are Mr. Intrepid .( I also looked up all of the synonyms for intrepid …synonyms: fearless, unafraid, undaunted, unflinching, unshrinking, bold, daring, gallant, audacious, adventurous, heroic, dynamic, spirited, indomitable; brave, courageous, valiant, valorous, stouthearted, stalwart, plucky, doughty; informalgutsy, gutty, spunky, ballsy
    "our intrepid leader inspired us to forge ahead" Incredible stuff !!!! Thanks very much .

  8. @Colorado Bigfoot – 25:10 "you always turn to anger;' and then I watched you turn to anger 25:40 . Thank you for teaching me Sasquatch and thank you for teaching me through Colorado Bigfoot. Thank you Colorado Bigfoot for being a teaching vessel. Turn towards love y'all πŸ™‚ <3

  9. Hey Marc…are you at a point where you have rid yourself of fear and replaced it with love and acceptance …an amazing feat if so…huge! You have certainly gotten over some humps…thanks for letting us tag along

  10. Marc…FYI, orange paint is used to designate forest boundaries as well as designate trees that are to be left uncut. Blue marked trees are those that have been designated for removal. The forest service uses paint because it's cheap and will last 3 – 5 years. It's important that the paint last that long cause it can take contractors 3 years or more to get to the trees slated for removal. Why remove trees? Any number of reasons – like to thin the forest to prevent the super hot fires we have seen in past years due to lots of forest floor fuel, which builds up because we no longer allow the small fires that used to burn rather "cold," but happened often, and these less intense fires would take care of any forest floor build up and not kill all of the trees the way today's super hot fires do. Not killing the trees helps give a leg up to reforestation instead of having to start from scratch, which we do now. FYI, you may see contract language on the trees, too – for example, a W in orange eliminates any confusion and means leave this tree for Wildlife habitat. Sometimes – when there are too many trees to mark in blue for removal – instead of marking trees in blue, they will mark only the ones to be left in orange, which means that the unmarked trees are to be cut. Hope this helps.

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Tribal Bigfoot world #1..Most Amazing Structures and Time Stamps (Video)

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