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  1. Shape shifters are real. Its an alien that hatches a thousands of little aliens and do some shape shifting for protection like safety in numbers. ALiend ET!

  2. That video with the black, centipede like creature was a family of mice. The one in front was the mother, and all her cute little babies following behind her, each one biting onto the one in front's tail or fur. Some mice, and other animals, do this so that no one gets lost in the move, especially when there are young ones. It's so cute. Those little babies looked to have possibly just recently opened their eyes they look so young.

  3. The video of the shape shifting animal was what I was raised to believe in. I was raised in a family that beloved in the ora of the dead and they where said to have been able to just shape into any shape and or structure.

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Top Mysterious Creatures Found in Russia Caught on Camera (2017) (Video)

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