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  1. NASA Idiots? Conspiracy? Nobel Prize Comitee Idiots? Conspiracy? I J.Z. have the extraterrestrials on 17.1.1995 discovered no Prof. Stephen Hawking Idiot. Hypocritical degenerate creatures. 70 Years of Conspiracy – Roswell UFO Crash On July 2, 1947 – Obama confirmed: "Roswell, aliens and UFOs are top secret – but boring" Mr. Obama boring only for idiots. J.Z. 17.1.1995 – Nibiru is not a planet and the stars are not planets at all NASA idiots. BULLSHIT PERVERSE – – NASA – A GANG OF CRIMINALS ? I J. Z. HAVE THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS DISCOVERED ON 17.1.1995. WAKE UP BARBARIANS.

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