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  1. Sharks are such misunderstood creatures, and to think that they get most of their bad reputation from a simple movie. An attack on a human is rare! You're more likely to be killed by a lightning strike then by a shark attack besides, we're INVADING THEIR WORLD. Wouldn't you be pissed if someone broke in your house, that's basically what sharks are doing to us.

  2. That reaction time on #5 though, saw the shark and immediately twisted around and jammed his spear straight into its jaws.

  3. Number 1 video starts at 4:00….over half of this video is one clip. It's a good clip, but I don't think it belongs in this collection. The other 4 were close calls not up close shark watching. I was let down by last one. I was expecting to see something waaay too close for comfort, something that made me jump or nibble my nails in panic. I sat waiting for 6 minutes….waiting nervously. The longer it went on the more I was sure someone would get bit but survive. If I had known the last entry was just for admiration, I would have admired. Even your description of video was misleading."If you ever want to observe sharks, do so from a cage. Even though this clip is scary, they are protected by a cage." Don't get me wrong…whoever did the work to get that beautiful footage should be commended. But I have been click baited by this channel 1 too many times. Just wondering…has this channel ever made a video entirely themselves? Or is it always in the key of Matthew Santoro? oh wait….you can't be….he credits his sources in description now 🙂 I have never said this (congrats!! ur my first ;p ) UNSUBBED MARKED AS DON'T SHOW ME CONTENT AGAIN.

  4. People have higher chances from dying in car crash, yet nobody looks at cars like they're monsters. I was surrounded my 6-7 Bull sharks (video on my channel) which are considered to be the most "aggressive/dangerous" sharks in the world. They were super curious swimming inches away from me, then they swam off after they realized that I'm nobody special or something that they would eat. Sharks are highly misunderstood animals! Sharks are very important to our ocean and earth's health. Without sharks we're all fucked! #helpsavesharks

  5. I was doing a swim-with-the-dolphins thing in New Zealand years ago when we were told to immediately get out of the water. Sharks were on our spot within seconds. When the crew noticed a cut on my hand, they instantly blamed me for attracting them. Damn……

  6. and thats why I swim in a sea not an ocean xD. It has been comfirmed that the sea of my country has no sharks in the waters that are lesd than 90m deep so I am ok by going in 3 to 4 metars😂

  7. Lol… that was soo stupid : ) Sharks just don't attack people : )
    Ofc I know that lot of stupid people still believe they do and get excited.
    Watching this video should actually get you some idea : ) They are just investigating.

  8. Notice how the smaller fish stayed close to the huge shark. I am guessing to get scraps and to prevent larger fish from attacking them.

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Top 5 SHARK Close Calls (Video)

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