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  1. This needs to be changed to "Autism Caught On Camera" The sheer size of a megalodon would leave nothing up to interpretation. Megalodons are easily one of the largest things that once roamed the oceans. And I see someone below has actually pointed out each shark in this video. If you saw a megalodon, you would know it.

  2. Your number 2 might be the black demon shark they say it has the size and amount of the megalodon just like when megalodon have spawn he has a twin but the color is the only different but they were the same black demon is color black I mean

  3. I'm astonished you had the balls to make this click bait shit. Fuck off and die you wannabe megladon🤣💩🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  4. This is the most fake video I’ve ever seen NONE of those sharks were megalodons they were all great white sharks apart from one which was a basking shark which you could tell by the dorsal fin but guess all you guys want is views and exploit a extinct creature

  5. Not a single one looked like a megaladon. It's a well known fact sharks must move forward to survive so how was the laughable fin ever supposed to be a shark

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Top 5 Real Megalodons Caught On Camera. #3. (Video)

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