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  1. Why do people record ufos with potatoes? Just for once can't someone use the 4k camera that basically every smartphone has nowadays 😅

  2. I like how UFO people assume that extraterrestrials would be humanoid in any way, more than likely they wouldn't even use DNA based genetic systems and would not be classifiable as life in the way that we understand it. Even in the case that we were to encounter an extraterrestrial civilization in any way it would almost certainly not be the inhabitants themselves but rather resource gathering AI.

  3. this comment here was the first comment because it was marked due to grammar nazis and idiots who want to mess with me i delete the comment here i write it down for you to enjoy. i dont think these are e.t. ufos i think these are military projets they are so secret you get killed if you know them like in area 51 if you go in there you get shot without even asking you to leave

  4. #2 I think them balls exiting the UFO were robots that took photo graphs, or they were like our drones but more advanced to take videos and detect threats below where they were

  5. Think about this what if we are all alien, what if a long time ago alien put people on this earth to see how we would grow and advance , and they are checking on how there experiment is doing

  6. OMG is there any real thinking person in this age who doesn.t believe that aliens not only exist, but have been wandering around down here for many years?

  7. You cant handle the real truth, because it means, you might have to make some changes in your miserable lives, but if you want the truth, SEE TREY SMITH, NOAH, IT BEGINS,  Jesus Christ is Lord.

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Top 10 Signs of Aliens and Alien Life Caught on Camera (Video)

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