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  1. Well every people like to watch shark movies for their fun horror purposes of seeing a big gigantic shark killing bunch of silly people and their B-movie cliches of being whack and dumb. But what about “Street Sharks?” That was a classic shark animated show that we like mutated sharks face evil villains in this cartoon. Also it’s made by shark toys.

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  2. I remember taking Sharktopus to school when I was in 4th grade, it was movie day and it was down to sharktapus or barbie, I won obviously but oh lord when the teachers walked in. It was my most favorite time in school

  3. All. Of. The. Jaws. Series, The. Deep. Blue, Shark. Tale, Sharktopus, The. Sharknado. Series, Bait, The. Deep, & Deep. Blue. Sea, are. My. Favorite. Shark. Movies.

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Top 10 Shark Movies (Video)

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