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  1. Its funny on 2014 4th of july I saw 3 lights in the sky I was freaking out because it couldnt be a plane or a flair so I wanted to record it but my phone had no charge but it was really crazy

  2. Some idiot said that the indian video of UFO were flares …
    What kind of flares moves in direction of its choice and stays light in the sky in same position ?

  3. the UFOs ETs are showing up more often and they have a base on the Moon they told the American astronauts Not to build a base it wont be allowed then they shut down one of the Space shuttle from space after that Nasa Bombed the heck out of their base under the pretext of Looking for water ….. . they are out there

  4. there is no proof of those numbers and if there is aliens out there, they re not here….what you see are fallen angels. hard to comprehend, but true. we are definately not alone.

  5. How long did it take you to count all of them?
    35,000,000,000 years?
    Odd how everything God created is in absolute even numbers.
    The odds…
    Here's one for you: count every grain of sand on every beach of our tiny world.
    Get back to me when you're done.

  6. 0:47 to 0:48 Anyone see the space alien craft fly past the camera, left to right?
    Should have dubbed in eerie and mysterious music for one second at that point.

  7. Enter candle balloons or sky lanterns in the YouTube search box. Candle balloons have caused thousands of UFO sightings over the last 6 decades. Classic IFO.

  8. The objects in Mexico are candle balloons (sky lanterns). The "trail" is burning paraffin wax dripping. Small objects very close misperceived as large objects far away. The second one is not "coming over the horizon," just coming up over the roof. The objects in India are large parachute battlefield illumination flares being dropped by military planes many miles away. Large, bright objects misperceived as being close by. I don't know what the Space Shuttle objects are. Not enough info.

  9. It won't be an awful waste of space if earth is always destined to be over populated. Please see my youtube video Satan's Star Wars -vs- The God of the Universe.

  10. Satan the devil the false prophet the beast the antichrist like God the father the son (Jesus) the Holy spirt satan imitates God or tries to

  11. There's just nothing unusual about this sighting. If it's not unusual, and by that I mean it doesn't perform acts not possible according to known scientific facts, then it shouldn't even be presented.

  12. There is a photographic reason for that, and it had been brought up about the apollo cameras as well. Most cameras…think of it this way, they cant have an aperture (lets in light) that has light from near by, direct into the lens, reflecting off every object close or medium length away, but after a certain point, because it lets in lots of light closer, dimmer light sources farther away will not be recorded as well. But conspiracies still seem to stay alive about all that..hope that helps?!

  13. Hey man. I typed in google.com in QUOTATIONS : "phoenix lights are military" just like that, not really knowing how to phrase it to get any results that would be totally unrelated like google usually gives. Your comment was one of six, just six, results. I just want to ask you about that comment you made, I know I'm about two years late but if you're still here, you should let me know what brought you to those conclusions, and maybe I can talk about the dots to you a bit. Or message me man!peace

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Three spooky UFO videos (Video)

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