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  1. the ground is cursed in places like Area 51, area 51 is one of the places Aliester Crowley did his rituals invoking beings to enter in that realm that some would call aliens , others would call evil spirits or demons and or fallen angels, where some would call reptilians , if you research what Aliester Crowley was into as well as Hitler and ancient occultism, people would clearly understand what the bible was talking about all along and what is reality in our dimension

  2. I thought the headline was going to be This Man Was Abducted by Aliens Whilst Trying to Break Into A House. That's what I really want to hear. Oh well.. =]

  3. I was 7 in 1977 me my aunt and Mom ran into a silver disk about less than 100 years away. We are driving to go wash clothes in a town called Faith SD during the day. I could see everything. I was wondering if we could have Been abducted without knowing. It was really amazing. Like saying Hello, needless my mom and aunt were terrified. Like last year, it feels.

  4. white light orange light blue light …..i see these every night , when its clear . looks like an aeroplane but is silent until it flies over my head. then it roars like a plane. they go over every minute or so but not through the day….what are they? they fly south to north. im in the uk.

  5. Strange, I now know why several times I have gone through airport security scanners while travelling the same thing has happened to me. Iโ€™m in my 70s and a strange metal thing has shown up on my lower right leg above my ankle with several scans. Iโ€™ve been taken aside and scanned with a hand held scanner and patted down along the leg also. Nothing was found externally. I have not had any metal objects operated into my leg for any breaks in my bones. I do have a tiny lump deep under my skin but never worried about it. Sometimes this tiny lump feels hot and inflamed for a few days then it goes away. Otherwise it has never bothered me.

  6. This gentleman should do another video of his encounter without rude people coughing in the background. It is distracting & rude ! This video is jam packed with gr8 info but again, it's a shame people don't know when to get up & go get a cough drop or st least some water & stay out until the coughing fit is over. Since it's on video, they can watch it later & the video would be much better without their rude unwanted distracting contributions.

  7. When somebody starts spouting off that they were fascinated with UFOs and science fiction at an adolescent age you got to start to question weather this is coming out of decades and reading novels or if it's true. That's not what I want to hear when I see somebody walk up to a podium. He just discredited everything he was going to say by letting us all know his Fascinations as a child. If I'm the only one questioning this then you're all a bunch of f**** tools.

  8. wheres the video you took? wheres the details of your rental car? wheres the verification that you are who you say you are? wheres the contact details of your podiatrist?…..show us all this speccy.

  9. When I was young my mum used to tell us that some people were visiting her at night. Being a typical african family we just concluded our neighbor was bewitching us. lol . I believe him. So much out there we don't know.

  10. this guy seems honest, body language says he is telling the truth. the last part about the questions puts me off a little, he has a whole lot of information of well known people, so i think, yes he is telling the truth, but talking too much witch makes it look like he is lying.

  11. You should pay attention to the fact that you were not bothered while you were actively involved with the Church. That speaks volumes to me.

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This Man Was Abducted by Aliens Whilst Tryng to Break Into Area 51 (Video)

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