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  1. This Is Getting Scary..

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    You can either poison your mind or feed it. You can choose to drown in the mainstream or forge a new path all on your own. You are watching Anonymous because you’ve woken up to the lie. You are aware that there is more to our story than we’ve been led to believe. We’ve found a great resource to uncovering deep truths, hidden agendas and suppressed wisdom that you need to be aware of. It’s called Gaia. We’ve teamed up with them to amplify our message and continue to move the masses towards positive change. Gaia’s mission is to empower the evolution of consciousness and we share a similar belief… if enough of us wake up, we all wake up. This is how we win. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.


  2. Wouldn't it be a great solution to the differences of the people of earth to disclose the knowledge of the HAVs and their intentions. It would make ones judgement of other people seem trivial in comparison.

  3. Great way to marginalize Christians and discredit the Holy Bible’s account of creation. The kings of the earth would have us believe that humans are the creation of an alien master race of beings that have tinkered with our genetic makeup for thousands of years. However, those who love the Truth (Jesus) know better.

  4. I had a dream in 1987 in which a multi colored bubble ship landed in my front yard. My daughter, 4 at the time ran toward the ship. She came in a few moments later, skipping and holding hands with the ET who looks like the Eban humanoid 1. He hugged me and said “So happy to meet you again”, when our heart chakras met, a beautiful outshining love feeling occurred that radiated out into the world. My dream changed into me driving him around the neighborhood to find his “children”. My dream then changed into what I thought felt and looked like heaven, where I met with friends who had passed on.

    I will never forget this dream. I will never forget the love radiating out from me after our heart connection. Eban 1 is the ET I met in my dream. Very humanoid.

  5. Aliens manipulating the DNA of primates, seeding the prehistoric planet; I always found it a quite fascinating idea. But it was a SPECULATIVE idea from Arthur C Clarke in collaboration with Stanley Kubrick. The way they presented it in the "2001" movie you wish it was real, something you can believe in. Us humans love a sense of wonder.

    But Moulton Howe is a wacko sensationalist and she talks bullshit. The shown documents are clearly forged, the other images nondescript or silly, and so easily to be manipulated these days. Thanks to Internet and more recently that phantasmagorian in the WH, fakery & lies are the new Truth. How Orwellian can you get.

    So we are pelted with a million wishful thinking facts, out-of-context snippets from Genesis, Earth-obsessed aliens and governments that spend lots of time and money on cover ups.
    They do, but for more earthy reasons.

    Orwell (and dozens of Hugo Award winners) got Scifi lovers by the throat. This here is plain boring.

  6. Same old shit "Some guy I can't name, but is really high up in Government said Aliens are real and here's my new book for $50…" What a crock of shit.

  7. Humans aren't the result of an alien engineering experiment. That's the lie these Demonic entities want you to believe. They "aliens" also claimed to abductees they live on the surfaces of Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, UNTIL we advanced ourselves enough to realise these planets are inhabitable. Now the lie's are that they are from different galaxies and solar systems. Why do these so called "aliens" abduct people against their will? Perform sadistic acts on these abductees. Most of all why does the abduction immediately stop when the name of Jesus Christ is screamed out in desperation, as so many abductees claim! Don't believe the lie.

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This Is Getting Scary.. (See This Before it is Deleted 2018-2019) (Video)

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