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  1. If the CIA wanted to recruit some disinformation agents in the UFO field, under their Operation Mockingbird, who would they approach? Have any of these so called leaders in the UFO field discussed when they were approached by CIA. All these people are of the same belief. There is no daylight between them and the CIA.

  2. If I was an alien race capable of the seemingly impossible interstellar travel, Earth would be straight on the list for fumigation. We are a hideous species capable of the most heinous and despicable acts of violence and harm.

    What little we do that is kind or beneficial is completely outweighed by the worst of us.

    We are a disease, a virus, a form of life that will only bring misery and pain to everything other than a few of our kind.

  3. Spot the deep state infiltrator. Hint, it's the one that negatively brings up Russia and China comparing them to Gorillas on a panel about disclosure.

  4. There will never be any sort of complete disclosure or confirmation. So long as intelligence agencies and the military industrial complex are in the mix the narrative fed ti the mainstream media will continue to be manipulated and controlled. They will paint a portrait in such a way that anything leaked will simply fall on deaf ears.

  5. I had a sighting. But who am I? However, I was on a cruise, and my ex and I were chatting with a very friendly couple. Come to find out he was a retired airline pilot. Just for the hell of it, I asked him if he ever saw anything he couldn't explain. His response? "Yes. Oh yes." I didn't ask him to elaborate. We understood each other.

  6. Just hype for the fake alien invasion coming up. Isn’t it funny how trump just implemented a space force program? People let’s take our world back. Let’s take our freedom back!

  7. UFO Expert = someone who is highly skilled and experienced in being able to look up at the sky and say; "I don't know what the fuck that is, so it must be aliens!"

  8. The Aliens have been and are long gone now. We're not alone, but we're not that special in the universe. The galaxy is filled with far more sensible level headed life forms than us and I imagine Earth is a place to be avoided…think crappy holiday destination – never going there again!

  9. Planetary society on Earth, First and foremost remove trump, Putin from the planet and humanity. The world and the human race would be better off WHEN they are dead.

  10. These people are following their religion, and as devotees see, hear and believe what they want to believe. Those genuinely interested in what may be going on, should look elsewhere unless cult life appeals.

  11. A very vital question that needs to be addressed is how the US, Russia and some countries had copied alien technology, passed them off as the result of their own research and development and charged the rest of the world for using them. This chicanery has also to be addressed when it comes to disclosure.

  12. It's such a shame there seems to be so much naivety amongst this panel. These are supposed to be the leaders, at the forefront of an awakening.

    The issue is not about disclosure of aliens existing (that is basically a given at this point), it is about disclosure of alien influence!

    When will we start to see breakthroughs in truth about alien INFLUENCE?!

  13. What if these Aliens have a taste for human meat.  And what kind of protection are we going to be afforded – or are we going to be ?   Or will they bugger off to those bunkers in the Ozarks to leave us to it.

  14. Earth is what you dig with a shovel she is a Atlas Her Name is Atlantis she needs help she needs a Army you now how you are .We are Atlantians and Anunnakis we are here big and small we are on the moon her name is The Arc or Heaven above.

  15. What I find disturbing is that they are surrounded by those who could tell them about Fluoride and its hazards, yet they each have a fluoride filled bottle of Aquafina in front of them.

  16. We talk about when is disclosure going to happen or confirmation, the problem is we have very strong evidence coming out now even on mainstream media but the population of the world don’t do anything about it. The information is there right now but to the average Joe on the street it seems to go in one ear and out the other with a shrug of the shoulders. While ever this continues the institutions that are restricting this info will continue totally unchallenged.

  17. Oh Linda, I love you but I do not like "To The Stars", seriously Tom delonge released 2 videos after he had amassed almost $2 million we were promised so much from him but he just wanted people's money. He is a SCAMER…

  18. post confirmation: neglect doritos, cheetos, lays, mc donalds, jack-in-the box, carls jr., burger king, industrialised cows/pork, cage raised chicken…

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The World’s Top UFO Researchers Discuss Alien Disclosure (June, 2018) (Video)

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