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  1. It's called an under water swimming pool. Where NASA does 99% of its "space exploration". It's called light above the pool and on under water cameras. I've seen divers literally swim up to astronuats in "space suits" to hand them a tool or something. You can see all that stuff in other videos. Flat earth. Fish eye lense cameras.

  2. Sorry folks, I can reproduce that with my video camera real easy. I suggest that the producer of the video take some Photography courses (others as well), most Photo courses will show how to avoid having this happen. It is quite common and anyone can reproduce this (or something quite similar) with their own standard video camera. I was hoping to see something that was really outside of trick or accidental photography's capabilities.

  3. In short and simple answer yes there could be another planets in which life is possible because earth is not so special just because it has water and air in it, there could possibly be many planets in which life is possible and they could be anywhere in another galaxy… As far as aliens are concerned we are also alien for some other planet people.. But i am sure their science are extremely far creative than ours or may be slow then ours.. Thats why we cant meet each other, their UFO can be their satellite in which they sent people to earth like we sent people on moon or mars..As fas as i think NASA definitely wants to hide relationships between aliens and them for some big deal.. 🙄It could be funny for some people but i can see the truth

  4. Although many light shapes can be glare from Sun , clearly a few are not – interesting movement of lights can be seen on Tim Peaks arrival at the ISS – moving lights in different directions-worth a look – it was on live at the BBC – not one presenter questioned it at the time – astonishing really.

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The UFO footage NASA doesn’t want you to see (Video)

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