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  1. Very succinct & comprehensive presentation. Much appreciated.
    The Sasquatch People are a part of my Native American culture, and I'm an interdisciplinary scientist with some doctoral coursework (Psychology PhD), social science Master's degree (MSW), and environmental science degree (Chemistry BS). I've had field learning & online research, since the 1960s to present day, encompassing both analytical & spiritual realms.
    The data is highly compelling. Proof is subjective & theoretical, hence one must do their own homework for validity purposes.
    Your contribution to cryptozoology here makes a difference. Thank you Matt.

  2. Who do you honestly really think would win in a combat encounter between Dogman and Sasquatch? I'm very interested to know because the few stories I've heard or the few accounts people have talked about the Sasquatch always came out on the winning end. They don't have claws or sharp teeth though. I assume the roughly the same size but maybe the Sasquatch has immense strength that cannot be questioned

  3. Matt, here's a question I have not heard or felt resolved: what type/kind of EVIDENCE of Bigfoot would be acceptable/believable?? What are your thoughts on this? TY

  4. Matt, You sound quite intelligent and reasonable when you speak of Bigfoot. Thank you for all of your research and for delivering it to us in a clear manner. Keep up the great work! Cindy

  5. Maybe we should try shooting one of the men in black to see if he does drop dead or if his skin peals off or even disappear as I have heard of the men in black disappearing like bigfoot and they could be alien, take your eye off them and there gone. Just kidding about shooting one, just in case there real men, lol.

  6. I agree, in all the cases I have listened to where a bigfoot has been killed by a truck or shot the government has been involved to cover it up or the ranges have been told to say it’s a bear and most times if you try to even follow up on any of these, even the people who reported it they say we have no record of it, why is this I don’t know, they do the same thing with alien crashes from way back and sightings, is bigfoot not of this earth or is he half human half alien, who knows but the government does not want us to know, they think we can’t handle the truth when maybe it would be that they would not be able to handle the backlash they get from us if they said yes all these exist.

  7. We have to remember that there where at least 5 type of human on this earth to start and the last one known to go not that long back was Neanderthal man of which we can find his DNA in us still, then there is the missing link which many believe was aliens mixing there DNA with Neanderthal man as to make us and that is why there is no missing link to be found, we have dug things up as animals and ape and all sorts that go back thousands of years but we can’t dig up a missing link. This means something intervened. So it is so possible for anything to be out there depending on who mixed what or who came from where.

  8. You totally missed the boat with why they are covered up imho. The real issue that still hasn't been addressed by any of these sites, is what happens when it's proven that they are real? What is supposed to be done with them? Create a hunting season for them? Shut down parks? As long as they are myth, no answers need to made. Sooner or later they will have to be dealt with, they are real, the subject will have to be dealt with.

  9. Thank you again for your hard work. Like everyone else, I think you did a great job. Helps to keep reminding people, these are the best facts we have. ✌ God Bless

  10. You always present information from a scientific standpoint about cryptid-type creatures. As a person who loves anything "science," I appreciate the information you present in this format. Once again, WELL DONE. THANK YOU.

  11. Matt , if my memory serves right I think they found the remains on the island of Florence. It is most certainly a case where the natives talked about the mean and ornery little people who lived on the mountain that stole food and sometimes even a stole and devoured a infant. Of course , the white man thought all of this was myth and legend. Also they have identified another “subspecies” that migrated out of Africa that possibly went a different way…this is so new that they haven’t given a name yet. All of these “subspecies” have a very good reason to hide from us…just ask the neanderthals….oh wait….we killed all of them.

  12. I beleave you,because i am a beleaver,and get visits every nite,,the only thing i dont like is the knocking on my windows upstairs on my porch,the other is i cant get anybody to hang out,all my family and just about all my friends are scared of them but my wife and i are not,.. I made a challenge for alot of my friends called the bucket challenge,you got to sit for 30minits,with only a flashlight,and camera,but iam 100feet away,ive had 49 people failed it,,i have friendly bigfoots,that come see me,that i talk too,,i got pictures videos,and recordings,of infersound low but clear hellos,and i call them my security yard monsters,when i sleep…i wont put my videos,on interment,because i dont want to lose my friends,that i talk or sing too every nite

  13. Impressive my brother , your vids are improving , great job touching on most of the categories. We had boogers on the farm where I grew up ,however you learned quickly not to say 2 much about. When you see a booger for the first time , it will change your whole world and make you wonder how much stuff is out there that is not supposed to exist. Good job hoss……ya know they recently found the remains of little people somewhere around Sumatra….for years scientists preached that all that was fairy dust…they are eating crow now.

  14. I always laugh when the "Not Finding Bigfoot" cast start doing their calls. There's no context to the howling. For all they know, they could be calling bigfoot a motherf***er in its language.

  15. Nice video matey! Finally the cooler weather is here and Ive been able to start going out again with good results already in the bush! For me, the Patterson Gymlin film is genuine noone can even start to recreate it and this is the 21st century where most things are doable. Loving the new angles your channels is bringing out. More for the other channel….lol! I miss the food recipes. Josh

  16. Oh..and would like to add..for the most part we would only see one or two.. but once, a whole cavalcade of them came. I found out way way later..that in the local paper and on the local radio station..there had been several reports that witness's claimed they had seen a object crash into the colorado river.. Im assuming thats why they were there enmass like that.. ? But they all came into the store..for several days actually..

  17. Well.. I got to be honest..I lived in Parker AZ..and I worked at the local Walmart for 3 1/2 years.. I know the men in black are real..they used to come into the store for drinks and food..we never knew who they were? We used to just discuss them as weird..it wasnt until I heard about them on shows I put two and two together..now looking back..I think most times they were in the area..was do too UFO sightings.. but I have checked them out many times at the store..just saying..

  18. If you look at a map of sightings in Australia it is pretty similar to the US map, ie: lots of flags in populated areas… lots and lots of flags, and Australia has only 10% of the US population.

  19. A correction, if I may. Dr. Jeff Meldrum is associated with Idaho State University. You mistakenly said University of Idaho. Two separate institutions, and it is an insult to alumni of either university to be identified with the other.

  20. Da foot is a hoax with the hoaxer behind a curtian just like in The Wizard of Ozz. Living in a simulation better explains the experiance people have AND the lack of archological evidence and why certian unresolved questions in physics have resisted our best effort., Like QRAVITY !

  21. I've read plenty of books and have seen plenty of documentaries. I have come to the conclusion that it is more silly to think there is nothing there. I believe sasquatch is real, which leads me to my next point.

    I BELIEVE it is a real creature, but I do not KNOW it is. There's a clear cut difference. The only way to know is to have an encounter, or experience with one. The folks that devote their days and nights out in the field studying these beings, for the most part, know they exist. They are are so hungry to prove it to the world.

    While this is a great thing, because it helps further the investigations and credibility on the subject, it is also detrimental. Because of hoaxes etc. Sometimes people care too much about proof they end up sacrificing their credibility.

    I cannot bring myself to instantly jump to the conclusion that every bit of footage or evidence is sasquatch. I will say that the Patterson film and a handful of other footage is pretty legit.

    Maybe one day I will get to see one and if that day comes I hope it is a somewhat pleasant experience and I hope I don't shit myself too badly.

    With all of this being said I can tell you the things I know are real. Spirits, ghosts and north American black panthers are all things I know exist, because I've seen these things. Hopefully one day I can add sasquatch to this list.

  22. I can not see how anyone can legitimately and/or wholeheartedly be against the thought of a large hairy humanoid being a reality when there is so much forest and jungle that is still unexplored.

  23. As far as the recovery of bodies, besides roadkill, how often do we run into the carcasses of dead squirrels, birds, raccoons? Not hardly at all, and that’s in suburbia and we are surrounded by thousands of them in plain sight

  24. Every time I see the Patty video I just can't believe how huge her butt is, its just absolutely massive.. So much muscle, so much power, just terrifying

  25. Informative video as usual. I live in West Virginia, my entire state is woods with less than 2 million human residents. You'd think that there would be Bigfoot activity here. Although, there's a large black bear population. Perhaps one of the many times that I thought I saw bears , I actually was looking at Bigfoot? Who knows?!? Keep up the good work Matt. Peace and Love from the Mountain State!

  26. Great job my friend! One thing I've been thinking privately is that certain videos have really helped prove these beings as well as bf types do exist. If technology could develop a camera that can slow the speed of BF or high vibration which causes the blurr and then overcome the interference these guys give off intentionally or otherwise. We would then have a video with hi resolution and we would have even more proof to sway the doubters. thanks

  27. Truth is most folks wont believe until one of two things happens…1 and the biggest because most are too lazy to go look for themself and want to be feed by the giverment is to be told that they exist by mainstream. 2 go look for themselves and look until they find what they are lookin for, or it finds them. Some dont need to have either happen and bless them but for most, myself included it takes one of the two things I have said and no matter what evidence, video or even a body will do until they see it in person or are told by the powers that be…..the worst part IMO, is the fakery and misinfo being pumped out for whatever reason to muddy the waters…..my advice is find a honest "researcher" and stick with that, one lie or knowingly hoax and move on….folks can have an opinion, right or wrong, but just to say something without backing it up with evidence and more supporting evidence is just misinfo…thanks for keepin it real Matt

  28. Well written & spoken Mattsquatch, one of your best yet I reckon, Yowie is real, Bigfoot is real. Get over it skeptics. Too much Mattsquatch is barely enough, cant wait for each and every terrific episode. There is quite a lot to still be revealed pertaining to our Hairy forest folk.

  29. yes Bigfoot is real , i have no doubt whatsoever they are out there and as natural as deer , bear , elk , and any other large animal living in the woods .
    great video Matt !

  30. quite likely some of the best excellent footage/evidence out there has been confiscated by Men In Black/Gov't etc.. I've done a bit of research on that and yes it has happened. i.e. Men In Black threatening a family etc that they better keep hush-hush on their observations or evidence. I mean we're talking about potential smoking gun proof. unfortunate but very telling.. good vid Matt.

  31. Excellent summary! I can imagine how much drivel and fakery you had to sift through to get the most relevant information. Thank you sir!

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