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  1. The white knight satellite is something someone just made up to meme out the black knight satellite which is likely real. Jenna Marbles filmed an ICBM test. I don't understand why people keep posting video of icbm tests like the ones in Norway by the Russians.

  2. Being from Baltimore I can tell you that we are surrounded by major airports.
    At any given time during the day you can see the sun reflecting off the silver skin of aircraft . Yes they do look like white shining lights.
    So as for the 1 from Baltimore I would view it very suspiciously .Quick question . Are you going to do videos like the type that you have been putting out lately ? Just curious .

  3. Your stories have been a way to for me to just forget how rough everything has been lately with my grandmother being in the hospital and about to pass away. I just veg out to your videos and for a little while my problems aren’t at the forefront of my mind. Thank you!

  4. this video is FULL of inaccuracies.. one of which being the "white knight satellite"… it's called the Black Knight Satellite, and looks nothing like what is in that video. This channel has completely gone to shit.

  5. Weird how I've never seen the second video! Thank You! 😘 I think the fourth video was a missile test.. Well according to Russia, the similar happening in the skyes of Norway was a missile test.. Great video, Thank You! 😊

  6. Just about every aircraft man builds flys faster than 140mph. What planet are you from? Or better yet, what year is it? Do you know Orville and Wilber Wright? Their planes were that slow!

  7. Enjoyed the video, but hard to tell what most of them could be as footage was so blurry, or far away, or fuzzy etc. None of them, except maybe the fighter pilot video, were very compelling. Interesting nonetheless.

  8. You are nailing it man! Your style of topics is fascinating because it’s based on real things thatvreal people have witnessed and you bring and show footage! Hands down LEGIT! Thanks

  9. And we are still waiting for Space X Falcon 7… Not buying it. We never went to the moon. I totally believe in UFOs and Aliens.

  10. Mr. Davis,
    I missed where you said that the YouTuber and his girl lived at that filmed their video. Anyway, these videos make you wonder for sure. Great job on it & keep up the great work Mr. Davis!!!!!!!

  11. I have been saying that lately there is no new UFO material. Maybe it isn't talked about as much. Maybe it's too hard to tell real from fake. Maybe we just explain things away too quickly. I'm a lifelong believer turned skeptic
    —even though I've seen weird things—yet I still want to believe. Thanks for this!

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The Strangest UFO Sightings From Recent Years (w/Video) | Mr. Davis (Video)

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