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  1. "The simplest explanation is probably the one that's true…" which is not even Occam's razor, but that's really beside the point, this guy thinks an extraterrestrial craft is the simplest explanation. I have no words. The most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. And what about that disinformation merchant, the blonde doctor, is anyone listening to this? No way would the government ever, ever have a secret craft, parade it through a state and then deny its existence ?! Where have these people been for the last 75 years or so? And no one got a decent video of it even though it went on for hours, moving ever so slowly. A fighter pilot had to be helped from his jet because he was so terrified? Horse hockey. People had better start realizing that this phenomenon is spiritual deception, demonic, and stop listening to the false information they are being spoon fed. God bless you, are you saved? Are you washed in the Blood of Jesus? The time of decision is at hand.

  2. People wonder why the UFOs are completely silent? There's a very simple reason for this which may be part of the propulsion system, UFOs absorb all electromagnetic energy around them sound waves radio waves light waves, this is why cars shut off, and if you get close enough to it it'll pull the light away from your retinas, you will experience temporary blindness, this is why radios act up when in presence or near UFOs

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The Phoenix Lights – UFO Documentary (Video)

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