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  1. Well the Tattooed Fish is unusual to say the Least. Looking as close as possible on my phone, it looks like that is a growing skin with the Fish! Obviously a Lab run a muck per day, yes it looks exactly like a very Personal touch.

  2. 🐟Hi! 👋 I think that the last explanation is the most likely. No, it’s silly for someone to do this to it, tattooing? Crazy. Out of water it’d die for one, esp the length of time it’d take. A reincarnate of a king or a warrior as a fish is also far fetched. So the last explanation is most likely. Whatever the sheet material it was, didn’t allow skins pigment to be active, thus implanting or printing itself on this poor fish. The more we know, the less we know. Right?😁🐠🐙🦑🦐🦀🐳🐋

  3. I have no words…. …weird shit happens! Babies are born looking like reptiles or things decommissioning take a strange shape. I think people have an over active imagination at times.

  4. As if this is not obvious enough: It IS impossible for dinosaurs to be well preserved – so long as people try to believe in evolutionism instead of looking at the obvious evidence from many, many dinosaur fossils showing that life was not made by evolution, but by Divine Creation: there have been some dinosaur fossils which are not only intact, but also contain fossilized blood cells in dinosaurs and that these have been analyzed through further analysis. Evolutionists are hesitant to tell people this because it means that dinosaurs were not actually destroyed by a giant meteorite – more like a broken remniscent of a wonderful world of creation which God said was good – and that He blessed. But then men became so evil and so full of lies, sin, and destruction, that He had to destroy His creation rather than let the pestilence of sin and ignorance thrive on a world which He called Blessed – which led to the Global Flood, as historically recorded by the Bible. What is sadder is that the truth CAN be found online, but it is buried underneath loads of lies and centuries of deceptions by sinful people who do not want and do not accept the truth about God, history, and nature. And even worse than this, people who read this comment think nothing is significant about that, and continue ignoring God's call to salvation. Look up this on Youteube for evidence of the global flood and the reason for mass burying graveyards of dinosaurs:
    Noah's Global Flood and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics

    -A 23 minute video on the global flood as historically written by the Bible, and supported by volumes of scientific evidence which evolutionists purposefully overlook and ignore and hide.
    -The truth is not as hidden as you might think it is.
    Think about it this way: if the Bible did not exist, and you came across a messy world like today, would your first conclusion to jump to be that God wiped men off the face of the earth because they were so evil, and that this might be a reason to become a Christian? Absolutely not: your more likely reaction is try to ply the truth to make it look like man came about to perfection on their own accord – a flattering proposition, but not an honest one. But since the Bible DOES exist, men try as much as possible to discredit it, much to their own demise, because trying to destroy the truth *really can only destroy you*.

  5. I've seen that giant white creature during the shots they were showing of the tsunami..March..in Japan..it was shown going on top of roofs..fences and then dissappers suddenly..

  6. The one with the human type face and 4 legs is called A *******Gollum******* DO NOT TALK TO IT & *Don't answer it. The are not fiction at all. I have seen a few and they are bad. Lord of the rings use Gollum's in the story. THEY ARE REAL and I don't care if people don't believe me, That is on them for not listening.

  7. LOL United Arab Emirates everybody got exotic animals over there just last year at Tiger shut down the highway and Dubai got more exotic animals then a rainforest

  8. The creatures that flew away in the desert, that sounds like the real chupacabra. I saw it my self back in the early 70's its like a giant bad, but it can run.

  9. I’m tired of videos that show a particular picture that makes a person want to watch it and you never even expose that picture /video , that was originally supposed to be seen in the first place ! False advertising ! Anybody that does this, I will give you a thumbs down and a bad rating !!

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