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  1. And these Illinois U.F.O.'s just happen to favor the natural direction balloons would follow in the wind for that area. MAJOR RED FLAG. Another is the solid object/detached paths are not helping ur case at all. Balloons would behave the same. U do realize we have vast choices in light sources right. It's not like u can rule out flares, flashlights, and candles in an asian funeral balloon and all of a sudden we can conclude alien spacecraft. Unless u start communicating mathematically or start playing chess or even Uno u just have lights. In 2004 we are to believe that the military allowed a slow moving unknown object float over the U.S. to be reported and recorded without response? If that's true lets get rid of the military and deputize the girl scouts of America. Think this through, it's interesting but an alien presence, not even close. NOTHING here convinces me of any grand claim. I've had three separate experiences that were so unbelievably close and impossible for anything we have a clue about, I am forced to admit we are definitely clueless about SOME of the things going on right in front of our face, but I am skeptical about ANY claims that require significant evidence but fail to produce it. It's just insulting to make conclusions u expect others to accept with a straight face. Any UFO claims must come with morwle than one word and perceptions. I certainly wpuldnt go massively public with it. U r essentially publishing ur conclusions when u do that. In science, publishing means u have compiled the available evidence, ruled out obvious possibles, reached conclusions, and laid out predictions/what's next if ur correct. Time and again ufo claims r repeated over and over like they have the evidence that proves it once and for all. And from the second they open their mouth, it's obvious they can't even define the word science. of my experiences were unthinkable to conclude what it appeared they were saying
    I can tell the story and explain what I saw but at the end of the day, it was so absolutely incredible it just doesn't make sense unless u start talking UFO (alien/gov. craft)-1st incident, Creature-2nd incident. Never actually saw it but we heard the loudest guttural threatening scream definitely within 20' and no animal in the southeast could make that noise. Bigfoot is the only thing I could make sense of the noise and how close it was. I admit there actually 1 possible SC wildlife that could have been a pretty likely source. A VERY large aligator could have easily made this noise, and it would make sense in that situation. We were shrooming (collecting not eating ๐Ÿคจ) We were walking quickly down the road back to the car that couldnt navigate the area. It was like we walked up on something that screamed as a threatening warning. Thats it. A disappointing I know but u should have heard it. It's nothing solid but it scared the shit out of us and we immediately ran FAST away. The 3rd incident is the one that I know for 100% sure convinces me that somebody is flying something that is massive, fast, silent and can move at very high speed directly overhead in the middle of the downtown Charleston peninsula within 30' of ur head with absolutely NO sound whatsoever or ANY kind of wind disturbance at all. IMO, that means that some ufo claims are legitimate. Government or Alien, I have no idea but it's just more reasonable to attribute it to a secret government craft. Alien theories just bring all sorts of more issues and unanswered questions. There is not enough evidence to conclude alien, but somebody is clearly holding some SERIOUS technology. Why they feel the need to hi-5 trees over a large city in a secret craft, I'm sure I don't know.

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The Mass Sighting Illinois UFO Documentary 2017 (Video)

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