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  1. No offense to the beautiful and talented Zendaya but I really don’t want her as Ariel. I’ve been waiting my whole life for a real life version of The little Mermaid and I really want Ariel to look just like the Ariel I grew up to know and love :/ Zen as Tiana tho would be amazing.

  2. Imagine Mulan being played by a white actress. That's how I'll feel if Zendaya would play Ariel.

    I'd rather have Christy Altomare of Anastasia as Ariel instead of Zendaya.

    I don't know – people gets upset when a "white person" gets the role for "people of color"… but people rejoices when "people of color" gets the role of "white person"

    Ariel is white. You can see it in her white complexion and red hair. She is modeled after Alyssa Milano.

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The Little Mermaid – Live Action Trailer (2020) Zendaya Disney Princess Movie HD (Video)

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