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  1. It does look as though the dog is staring intently at something else or it would have looked at most if not all sounds even if it was an old dog. I've had a few dogs and even when their hearing isn't as good as when it was young it still can hear something or feel vibration. I'm going on my own experience with my dogs..

  2. its running along trees laying on the ground like in the for ground . pause a :13 they walk on fallen trees to avoid leaving scent and footprints, notic how the jump happens right as hem would have had to step down onto the ground . it repeats this behavior again on the second jump. this behavior is why the tracks just seem to end some times , dogs wont even look for the scetnt up above it head its not normal there also may have been another one out of the cameras line of sight the the dog saw or sensed it and froze

  3. I find this incredibly sad, the "Russian" video is as far as I know the best video of a giant lemur ever to be published, yet all you want to talk about is a blind old dog?  No wonder we are kept in the dark by the authorities, the majority of us just can't see the what's in the woods for the trees. 8)>

  4. Have many years of bear and cat dogs hunting. This is a great, albeit, younger male squatch seething with territorial hormones and acting out. The dog is older, possibly a little deaf AND when a dog understands there is an apex predator about', FEAR emanates throughout the ole dog's being…paralyzed. Ever been there? Ever face a 400 pound friggin furious bar' or boar a charging YOU with red eyes and snapping teeth, you slip and fire your weapon with your best shot, an uncanny fear…this dog was possibly aware that squatch was dancing the intimidation dance' towards it, and thus, was frozen pretty much in deep understandable fear. Saw squatch three times, I am 68 now. With others. The last time, in 2012, I could not tell my spouse for over two weeks. That is how scared I was. And I understand. Until you see a beast, the best athlete ever, near ten frigging feet, and wide as an old growth tree, staring intelligently, and super intently at you…it will melt your resolve. Honestly.

  5. When i first saw this video, i thought that this thing really moves like a creature this has to be a Bigfoot or sumthin like a Bigfoot. But i just dont know anymore everyrhing you see on video these days is just some fool in a suit!! Thankx Bigfoot Tony

  6. Holy crap look how long those arms are!!!

    To me it looks like you have some movement on right and movement center left in same frames which implies two creatures.

  7. I think it's an older dog. First by the way it moves when it lays down. Second by the simple fact that it does lay down. I used to take my dogs out in the woods with me when I was horseback riding. They never laid down. They were constantly busy trotting around sniffing and checking things out. Looking for squirrels, rabbits, possums or whatever. They could stay on their feet all day with no signs of tiring. I think a young dog would be staying up on it's feet. Also I can kinda' see a shadow on the tree to the right of the dog and it doesn't look like it's real late in the day so I think the dog should definitely have more energy unless it's a fairly old dog. Just my opinion.

  8. The dog looks to be very old. It probably never heard a thing. It was obviously most concerned with finding a good comfortable place to lay down.
    As far as the subject goes. That is definitely not a man in a suit moving like that. It really looks like a giant chimp but last I checked they don't have wild chimps running around in the forests of Russia. Especially not giant ones like that.

  9. It is a Russian breed of dogs, the ones that chased after the yeti become extinct and the wary and careful become this dogs ancestors. The dead do not breed and beget, that is Darwinism for you.

  10. Looking at the one making a song and dance only means you do not see or notice the ones creeping stealthily at you from another direction. The Inuit have a saving " It is not the polar bear you see that gets you, it is the one you do not see that gets you" I think the dog keeps a low profile since he knows they are outmatched.

  11. It has been said by many ppl with experience that once dogs smell BF they will lay down and go no farther and are scared!!! That dog is not scared in the slightest. Hmmm!!! Thats not to say there wasnt another there or the dog just didnt care. Hard to say. Thanks for the work you put into these!!! Appreciate it alot!!!

  12. Even if the dog was deaf and blind, he should have noticed something that heavy jumping around. My dog can tell when a crumb hits the carpet without looking.

  13. When you see the length of its arms and the way it moved over the ground with its arms raised it reminds me of a gibbon crossing over the Forrest floor ?????.

  14. Great breakdown as usual. You can't help the poor quality of the video. I've actually seen another video with the Forest Person hopping exactly the same way, but for the life of me, I can't remember. Tony, this old brain doesn't work like it used to & over the last few years, I've seen a lot of videos. It's almost like a dance on it's tiptoes. Thank you for the great pleasure I got watching the creature "side step".

  15. Many are commenting that this is either a very large Chimp or a Gorilla.

    Some researchers like the great late Bernard Heuvelmans and more recent ones like Coleman,Hall and Huyghe among them,posit that there are 'unknown and unclassified ape species' (which are different from the 'classic Sasquatch) existing hidden in remote parts of the world.

    This clip seems to be proof tat these researchers may indeed be right.

  16. Great video, I love this one…never noticed the dog before… that is odd it doesn't even flinch in that direction, but then how often do you hear reports of people claiming that they can move silently when they wish.. seems bizarre for such a huge creature but you hear it a lot.

  17. Even if his earing is impared (oufff hope I wrote that well loll), dog sense of smell is hard to fool. A dog’s nose not only dominates his/her face, but his/her brain, as well. In fact, a dog relies on his/her sense of smell to interpret his/her world, in much the same way as people depend on their sight. Although this contrasting world view may be hard to imagine, know that your dog interprets as much information as you do. However, he/she does much of this by smelling an object or animal, not by staring at it. The fact that the dog doesn't turn around is puzzeling to me. Anyway sheers 🙂 good eye Tony !!

  18. Okay, a little bit of playing devil's advocate here: Either the dog has a lazy temperament and/or suffers of hearing loss because it's old (both of which would probably correlate) OR this is a hoax, the guys performed that routine like ten or twenty times until the guy in the suit had a perfect run, the kid was a bit bored already and the dog just wasn't interested in the action anymore…? Don't say this is what actually happened, I'd like that video to be real. But couldn't that be an explanation, too?

  19. This dog could be old and losing his hearing/sight. Also, in David Paulides books 411 it seems when rescue dogs pick up on Bigfoot's scent, they refuse to search any further, become freaked out, whimper and lay down.

  20. BF Tony… The bit where you say the dog seems to look back towards the camera direction… I believe its not looking at the cam and that its head is actually turned in the direction of the creature. Not sure if it actually views the creature due to perspective…!!!?.

  21. There is a third option, just to play devils advocate, what if the dog isn't looking because they practised these moves for hours and it's just bored of it? There are people who claim to know for sure this was hoaxed but I have yet to se any evidence of that.

  22. Great eyes Tony… i saw this videos on numerous occasions and never noticed the dog… From the creature movements… hopping movements that is.. it almost looks playful… and a mocking gesture towards the dog.. The dog looks kind of older and lazy and just doesn't see or smells the creature.. who is a good distance away…

  23. The bigfoot/almasty makes quite a loud monkey call type noise while moving and l have thought it was to attract attention to it. Why? Because there other are hairy folk near by, like his family for example. Our dog can't hear anything at 14. So to reiterate, l beleive the Almasty wanted to be detected. The people seem relaxed too so perhaps the dog and people are used to the creature calling out etc and know from experience that its presence is nothing to be concerned about. Thanks Tony.

  24. Fascinating video BFT thank you
    That is really curious isnt it? You would expect the dog to register the sound and the smell?
    It looks like a hunting dog so you would expect those sharp, on-point reactions, I agree with you
    However if the guy and his son were making lots of noise or there was a deer, another sasquatch as you theorise or birds etc in the wood in the other direction
    Yes, perhaps this would account for its distraction and focus being in the other direction
    OR maybe this dog has met a Sasquatch before and knows not to go anywhere near it LOL! or it is a Ninja Squatch stealthy and lethal!

  25. Tony you have to do a breakdown on the whole left side of the video.. Yes the dog is definitely looking at somthing else, there is definitely some movement going on on the left side.. Which for me brings more credibility just because you would think they would point out more than on Sasquatch?? Hope you get a chance, this could push this video even further 💯💯👣👣

  26. Sure looks like something has a hold of that dog by the neck pulling it down….a young yeti? Do yeti's like in the TGBF vid, keep dogs? Like humans (which some may well be) there would be many advantages…

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The DOG in the Jumping Yeti footage (Video)

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