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  1. Billy you know something what is it….I'm afraid Poncho……that's bullshit your afraid of no man……there's something out there waiting for us
    and it ain't no man….we're all gonna die

  2. This is all crap/ We have thousands of cameras everywhere. You can fly right u to a bigfoot using a drone if you wanted, no danger at all to yourself. THERE ARE NO Sasquatches or there would be lots of photos of them PERIOD!

  3. Hey Marc, go check out World Bigfoot Radio, (Brian Sullivan) !! I just started watching his videos and he has some AMAZING stories and guests. There’s a series called the Glagg series and also a guest called Khat Hansen who has done several of his shows. She also has her own channel and you’ve got to check her out!!! She knows what a lot of the structures, glyphs and rock stacks mean because she’s interacted with them for over 50 years. Beautiful area in this video!! Good work. Take care.

  4. You sounded very sincere and humble when you thanked your viewers in this video Colorado Bigfoot and I think I can say we all appreciate what you do. I have been watching your vids for about 3 months and have watched probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 20+ videos and not one have I felt was not worth it because each one had something to offer with your insight. So again thank you keep doing what you are doing.

  5. I watch you for Sasquatch, whether real or not, and those structures. If they were made by Sasquatch, cool. If not, still interesting. I bet a lot of your followers are from different walks of life. And it’s just painful when you go all head first into a hateful rant. The Muslim thing. You know they are all not anti American right? You know there are good and bad like Christians, non believers and Sasquatch. Every group always has that sector that is distorted and extreme. Either way, focus on the search. I didn’t want to say anything to make you cave into your shell and give up this because we all enjoy it. But it is worth it to mention because if Sasquatch is real and as intelligent and spiritual as they are, they will sense a heart with hate. Keep doing a good job.

  6. Marc, You need not worry about the nonbelievers and nay-sayers. I believe that the Bigfoot's realize you have a pure heart when it comes to them and their artwork and structures. They are allowing us to see a bit of their world through you. You are blessed young man. I wish I could be there with you. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the work that you do for bigfoot and us.

  7. I was a professional tree cutter for years and these trees are dead from bugs or disease and when the wind picks up they fall down!

  8. Great video I've been in Island Park Idaho where Verizon sucks but the structures are abundant. Thanks again for a great day.

  9. I understand.i was up in Wisconsin in the back woods.there wasn’t even a dirt road for miles.i just happened to see a huge tree fall and another tree caught it..it got wedged.the only explanation I can give is it must have been an invisible Bigfoot ghost that was trying to build a structure because trees never fall over in the forest by themselves.

  10. I like your videos, and I agree with quite a lot that you say, except… @ the 4:30(+/-) of the video. Those red/orange/pink colored pieces of the surveyors tape/ribbon that's wrapped/tied around the pine tree's trunk is NOT from 20 years ago. Now my reason for making that statement is I use it weekly if not daily sometimes. It may be a year or so…possibly 2 years old, but If I was betting…I'd honestly say that earlier this year was when it was tied around all those tree trunks… just by the bright fresh color of it.
    Trust me sir… thanks for your effort…

  11. what the heck, now theres banners that say "start blocking ads" when we watch your videos, anything to make sure you dont make any money right?

  12. Thank you my friend for pulling the markers … Thank you , thank you !!!!!!
    Please keep up the good work … I would be painting over the marker symbols with like colored paint as well … Absolutely no ones business to mark or catalog/classify anything in that fashion!!

  13. I am from Germany, Europe, in our country, the trees in a forest get colored numbers, like blue color for when they will be cut, and red for another reason!
    Im sure that Bigfoots are not able to buy that kind of color or can produce it

  14. What is available through Colorado BLM – Orange paint is to communicate to loggers who are on contract, a stand of trees are protected from being cut; blue paint indicates what trees that are to be cut…Orange numbers indicate the years before trees can be cut…other numbers indicate sections related to grid mapping…hope this helps

  15. Congrats on 18 k so well deserved ….they all around you stunning scenery just a lovely place ….our forest people will always look after you i am sure you will always protect them too keep going after you dreams go you 😊

  16. Ask Sasquatch direcrly… they will respod at you if you are clear with them… be their friend … they dont like guns anf they don't like cammeras because they think you will steal their soul with it…

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